Essential Trees

Essential Trees

a project by
Argent and Hfranz
Argent and Hfranz
November 12, 2022
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The tree repository of the era is out, ready for builders, and still growing! Hayden and Argent, two exceptionally talented builders involved with the ArdaCraft project have for several months delicately handcrafted hundreds of tree schematics that take full advantage of Conquest Reforged's advanced branch and leaf models.

Their repository includes various essential species, separating them out by type such as deciduous or coniferous. Even further, each species includes many sizes and variations. These sizes include tiny, small, medium, large, and "forest". The forest size and shape can also include smaller variants, but that depends on the tree species.

Haydn and Argent also plan to release additional tree packs, such as packs featuring old and/or dead trees, deciduous, coniferous, Mediterranean, fruit trees, uniquely small trees!

Navigating the Schematics:

Within the spreadsheet, you can see how these schematics are structured around a base tree code, with the tree name, size, and number. For example, birch large 5’s code would be brl5 (br = Birch, l= Large, 5= Variant).

Example of a tree species and its variants on the spreadsheet.

How to Access:

The tree packs are available for purchase on Haydn and Argent's Gumroad store.

Packs are on average 5 species each, with 50 to 60 trees per species. Schematics are prepared for WorldPainter usage, with schematics for tree rotations done. In the future, they plan to include premade custom object layers containing the trees to further streamline the creative process.

When you purchase a tree pack, here is what the creators permit:

  • Individual usage of the tree packs within singleplayer, as well as distribution/downloads of maps made using the tree packs (provided these maps are not made to facilitate the redistribution of the trees themselves i.e. by pasting them into a grid);
  • Multiple players using tree packs saved on a server, provided the server does not hand out the files to its players.

The creators welcome questions and requests. You can contact them at @hfranz_official and @Argent_01 via Twitter (where you can also see pack updates) , or hfranzyt and argent0002 via Discord!

Overall, as the creators of Conquest Reforged, we believe Haydn and Argent couldn't have done better with their packs. For any amateur or professional terraformer, these are a must have, and well worth the price. You'll save many hours, and your maps will look better than ever!