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Monsterfish_ (Stefan Krein)
January 2, 2018
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Conquest Reforged gets a digital facelift 101

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Greetings everybody and welcome in 2018!

We are off to a great start!

A new year a new conquest to make. The last year went by fast and i am sure you guys have noticed there has been alot going on behind the szenes and in broad daylightbut thats beside the point.

You have probably looked around a bit already and noticed the website is back and looking a bit different. Now featuring some tight crazy cool and helpfull paragraphs about how to use the mod, who is working on it, who is using it and so on and so forth.

In comparison to 2017 there have been a few little additions to the website as well:
  • ‍A download page with all the important info to everything regarding the mod.
  • A Info page with general information.
  • A media section, now in case you are making videos or spread the word on your own platform, it features highres images of the logo the ads and some screenshots to assist you in your conquest of the mods fame (there might be more coming at some point if the situation arises).
  • A short team section so you know who is heavily invold with the mod. People who are interested are ofc invited to offer thei help and in turn become part of the team =).
  • A contactpage with some frequently asked questions and some mention about discord you know the thing that makes you able to post those sweet sweet bugreports and toss messages to the devs or share the products of your creativity with the community.
  • A patreon link if you really love our work and want to help us be able to expand the mod by beeing able to spend more time on it and/or outsource some work even if nessecary.
  • A news section where we are at right now where you will be getting all those nice updates/communityshowcases (when supplied by you guys =])/and maybe some mentioning of future plans psssst dont tell anyone its secret. and a dud talking about website stuff that you probably figured out yourself a long long time ago.
  • And hot dayum serverlist, with all to the modteam known servers so far, so you guys know where to go to play with the Conquest Reforged mod online (Serverowners who want to get more publicity for their conquest reforged server contact us if you want to be added to the list.

So with all that beeing said I hope you guys got all you have asked for the new year and more with this website...

okay there will be more blocks in the future as well dont kill us ;)

I wish you all the best and alot of fun, adventure with the mod, the website and the new year.

Yours truly


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