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March 9, 2023
Mod Updates

Conquest ReFabricated

Conquest ReFabricated

Conquest Reforged is now available for the Fabric mod-loader and Minecraft 1.19.2, rendering a whole new suite of mods available to our community! From the once familiar Replay Mod (now a Fabric exclusive) to powerful new performance enhancing mods, these days Fabric can offer Reforged players quite a bit to heighten their experience. Greatest of all is that Optifine is not required for connected textures, shaders, and other aesthetic features, making installation for players easier and our work as developers simpler. As this is the first release ever for Fabric, it will be marked as Beta, so if you encounter issues be sure to report them here.

Worlds that are currently in Forge 1.18 seem to be fine when opened in Fabric 1.19 thus far. Still, always remember to backup your worlds before opening them in a new version!

We've also released ArdaGrass (created by JayemCeekay from Ardacraft). It's a Fabric alternative for Optifine's "Better Grass" feature that also extends to modded grass blocks and nether "grasses" such as crimson and warped nylium.

How do we install it?

Without Optifine, we can package together a completely functional mod-pack on Curseforge for easy and quick installation, with no manual installations involved. The mod-pack will also be available on Modrinth, and accessible through alternative launchers such as Prism or ATlauncher. Personally, I prefer Prism and ATlauncher to Curseforge as they're easier and faster to use. Just remember to set the game to use at least 8gb of RAM on these launchers!

Installation this simple was previously impossible since Optifine specifically prohibits its distribution on Curseforge and every other platform, forcing all players who depend on it to go to the Optifine website and risk installing a version that will cause crashes, break other mods, or just not even work with Forge. No longer does one have to go through this process or help their friends through it in order to play Conquest Reforged at its best.

What are the performance gains?

As you can see, performance gains can be substantial. With the mod-pack, my FPS has shot up from 55 FPS on Forge/Optifine to 145 FPS on Fabric (Chocapic shaders, middle of the forest, 16 chunk render distance).

Minecraft 1.19.2 also seems to improve loading times a bit. Optifine hasn’t delivered much performance enhancement for quite a while and doesn’t show prospects of improving, so being able to access latest and greatest new performance mods on the block should prove exciting.

The Future

Given all the benefits of using Fabric and its more open and effective Optifine alternatives, development will probably be targeting Fabric more than Forge from here on out. Conquest’s Medieval armor and weapons mod should be ported to Fabric in time as well.

Many thanks to JayemCeeKay from ArdaCraft for pioneering the port of Conquest Reforged to Fabric. Your work has been a boon to Conquest Reforged and we look forward to working with you in the future!

Voice of the Community

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Previous News

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February 19, 2023

A Milestone Reached: Ardacraft's Bree Completed

Our friends at ArdaCraft, the preeminent Conquest Reforged building team, have recently completed their latest project, the revamp and recreation of the town Bree from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth. The completion of the project is a great feat for the ArdaCraft team, and the end result is a testament to their relentless research, planning, and will to chase the cutting-edge of modded building.

A birds-eye view of Bree

Bree is a town in Middle-earth near the Shire, inhabited by men who mingled with hobbits, dwarves, and elves. It was a key location in the early part of the Lord of the Rings saga, serving as a stopping point for Frodo Baggins and his companions on their quest to destroy the One Ring.

The Prancing Pony

The town itself boasts a large number of varied and detailed buildings, each with their own purpose and place within the village. You'll find many great examples of medieval half-timber framed (aka Tudor) buildings that take advantage of the very latest models. Professions as varied as merchant, mason, carpenter and cartwright are represented, and aspects of settlements which many builds often ignore or forget - such as lavoirs (public place for washing clothes), breweries, graveyards and even middens - are included. The lore centerpiece of the village, the Prancing Pony, is built with painstaking accuracy to the books' lore.

Windmill with Bree in the background

Outside of the town lie breathtaking pastoral landscapes and farms, replete with only the best foliage from the Essential Trees pack. With the addition of the Create mod they've pushed their builds even further with an amazing windmill.

For the full showcase, check out:

If you're interested in visiting Bree, you can learn more about ArdaCraft and how to install their custom CR modpack by visiting their website at: There is no download for the town itself, but their server does not have a whitelist and welcomes visitors from the public.

In the future, we hope to feature more news articles commemorating great milestones and project completions in the Conquest Reforged community. We hope you enjoyed this showcase of Bree, our first in a new trend!

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June 30, 2022
Mod Updates

a conquerers arms: the 1.18 update

1.18.2 a new era unfolds.

Conquest Reforged 1.18.2 is now in open beta. This release brings quite a few new blocks and decorational models, while also addressing Minecraft’s ever changing lighting for leaves and plants with updates to those textures to reel them back to their intended appearance. 

Conquest Reforged for 1.17 is also released. It will remain in “beta” status and won’t be updated in the future as it should simply serve as a bridge between 1.16 and 1.18.

Like the previous update, this doesn’t require a converter. However, for best results in updating your maps, you should first enter your 1.16 world in 1.17 and then 1.18 with Conquest Reforged installed. Doing otherwise and going straight to 1.18 can result in issues such as paintings completely disappearing.

A small sample of newly added and functional equipment for your new adventures

We’re also releasing the first iteration of Conquest's Medieval Armors and Weapons. This brings all the medieval themed weapons, shields, and armors from Conquest to a mod separate from the main Conquest Reforged mod. This mod also features the 3d “pumpkin” helmets from Conquest as actual working helmets that offer protection. The armor models for all modded armors have been altered as well to be less bulky (ie: they don’t clip through one another anymore) and more realistic. 

Everything should be craftable in survival through a new crafting table called the “Arms Station”, which is similar to the stonecutter but preserves durability and enchantments. It also offers extended and reduced weapon reach for certain weapons, such as spears and daggers. More mechanics like this may come in the future.

This will be labeled as “beta” as specific mechanics are subject to change. The goal of this first release is to begin making Conquest’s armors available to you all without being forced to use the vanilla resource-pack. 

We plan on releasing the remainder of the armors and weapons in separate themed mods (eg: Fantasy, Ancient, Asian). We’re making them separate from each other and the main mod to reduce issues when updating if a certain mechanic breaks, give players more freedom to choose what they want to play with – or what their machine is able to play with – and to avoid creating a massive “kitchen sink” mod.

We look forward to seeing what you build with Minecraft’s expanded height limit and how you like the weapons and armors!!



-Updated plant texture brightness

-Updated leaf texture brightness and added ambient occlusion for many leaves

-Rewrote Seat mechanics. Place the seat again to make it sittable. The previous implementation -that generated the entity to make the seat sittable became increasingly unstable on servers.

-Torch with Grille collision box removed

-Duckweed collision box removed


-Conquest’s 1.18 textures and block shape variants

-dark deciduous leaves

-rough end stone

-smooth end stone

-Barrel of Wine

-Tall Barrel

-Clay Jug

-Ceramic Vase

-Pottery Wheel

-Butter Churn

-Wall Mounted Moose Antler

-Wall Mounted Deer Antler

-Spinning Wheel


-Grandfather Clock

-Tall Grandfather Clock


-Scroll Holder

-Roman Chair


-Carpentry Clamp

-Hand Planer

-Crosscut Saw



-Wooden Rake

-Wooden Pitchfork

-Fire Rake

-Fire Shovel



-Push Broom



-Small hand cart

-Blue bottle

-Bottle of wine

-White Silk

-Orange Silk

-Yellow Silk

-Pink Silk

-Light Gray SIlk

-Gray Silk

-Purple SIlk

-Red Silk

-Gold Silk

-Cyan Patterned Silk

-Green Patterned Silk

-Blue Floral Patterned Silk

-Blue Starry Patterned Silk

-Brown Patterened Silk

-Red Patterned Silk

-Black Floral Patterned Silk

-Black Starry Patterned Silk

-Gold Patterned Silk

-Brown Plastered Logs

-White Plastered Logs

-Fully Brown Plastered Logs

-Fully White Plastered Logs

-Light Granite Cobble

-Tan Limestone Bricks

-White Limestone Bricks

-Dark Light Red Sandstone Bricks

-Medium Light Red Sandstone Bricks

-Tan Limestone

-Stained Tan Limestone

-Wooden Round Barrel

-Light Gray Stucco

-Tea kettle

-Wild daisy

-Light granite cobble

-Tan limestone bricks

-White limestone bricks

-Brown imbrices and tegulae

-Red imbrices and tegulae

-Dark red imbrices and tegulae

-Dark imbrices and tegulae

-Off white stucco

-Stained white stucco

-Light limestone lattice window

-Light limestone sun lattice window

-Limestone lattice window

-Limestone sun lattice window

-Square byzantine lattice window

-Canvas blocks in 16 colors

-Brown sand

-Dark gray clay

-Tan sand

-Wet brown sand

-Wet tan sand

-Variants for new Vanilla Blocks

Model Updates:


-Small Bottle

-Soda Bottle

-Bottle of Frankincense

-Broken Bottle

-Brown Bottle

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February 2, 2022
Mod Updates

1.16 Update wowow

Conquest Reforged 1.16.5 finally in beta!

Image taken by eag and build from

Conquest Reforged 1.16.5 is now in beta. This release primarily brings what was implemented in 1.15.2 forward a version with a few more additions, so your builds are unlikely to be impacted or outdated in the way that the 1.15 release rendered everything from 1.12. Not many issues have come up during the alpha, so we expect the beta to play fairly smoothly. In any case, with so many more people actively playing the mod in a public release we expect some things to come up, so we encourage everyone to post reports bugs at This will allow us to track and fix them accordingly.

This update doesn't require a converter, as we've seen 1.15.2 worlds open up in 1.16.5 seamlessly. However, we strongly recommended you make a backup of your world in 1.15.2 before opening it in 1.16.5. With the complexity of Minecraft and various combinations of mods you can have, you never know if something can go wrong.

1.17 development has started and is progressing well. The mod can now successful compile and run in 1.17, and it looks to be mostly playable, so it should be going into alpha on that version sometime soon.

Get the latest version of the Mod here.


-blue overgrown fungus

-taiga grass

-dark bamboo

-golden bamboo

-prickly pear

-small grape vine

-banana tree leaves

-date palm leaves

-joshua tree leaves

-bushy joshua tree leaves

-wisteria blossoms

-wisteria leaves

-sulfur pools block

-columnal andesite

-smooth basalt

-porous basalt

-weathered basalt

-columnal dacite


-porous dacite

-weathered dacite

-columnal rhyolite


-porous rhyolite

-weathered rhyolite

-shredded leaves


















Added variants for:

-chiseled nether bricks (named old_rusted_metal_panel)

-cracked nether bricks (named cracked_old_rusted_metal)

-ancient debris


-polished basalt


-gilded blackstone

-polished blackstone

-chiseled polished blackstone

-polished blackstone bricks

-cracked polished blackstone

-crimson planks

-warped planks

-crying obsidian

-quartz bricks

-soul soil

-crimson stem

-stripped crimson stem

-warped stem

-stripped warped stem

-crimson nylium

-warped nylium

-warped nylium

-nether wart block

-warped wart block

Updated Texture:

-columnal basalt


-porous andesite

-weathered andesite


-special pause menu ui textures

-Monsterfish's updated text font

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November 15, 2021
Hot from the Press

Survival of the Conquerers

Conquest Reforged Community Sourced Survival Compatibility

As you all know we removed survival compatibility from Conquest Reforged in 1.15.2 due to the significant changes being done on Mojang’s end (especially on the terrain generator). With no custom world gen, our plans for a new recipe system were put on hold until a much later and more stable versions of Minecraft are out there.

Thankfully, a number of community members stepped up to the plate to contribute and we can finally share their efforts with you. ILikeToGetRekt spent hours working on recipes for twelve and a half thousand blocks amounting to over 25,500 individual recipe files which were vigorously tested by his Twitch community. InstantNootles also put the work in by building 33 custom trees in order to provide more aesthetic consistency between TerraForged and CR. We are blessed to have such a wonderful community that helps fill in the gaps when the dev team is bogged down with work or focusing on other parts of the mod. This would not have existed without them, so go and show them some love when you find the time.

New Trees using the custom branches and logs added by the mod.

Example of custom recipes

How to prepare Minecraft for CR survival:

- Custom Launcher
  1. If you are using the CR Launcher the modpack will be updated for you automatically. If you are using the Curse Launcher or a third party one, you should update it using the latest CR modpack on CurseForge.
  2. When making a new world select the TerraForged world type. This will apply all of the survival compatibility datapacks automatically.
  3. If you do not wish to use TerraForged or if you have an existing world you will need to install the datapacks manually. This can be done by downloading the datapacks on Curse and dropping them into the ‘datapacks’ folder inside your world folder.
- Manual Installation
  1. If you are using TerraForged, put the datapacks you wish to use into config/terraforged/datapacks. When you make a new world using the TerraForged world type they will be added to your world automatically.
  2. If you do not wish to use TerraForged or if you have an existing world you will need to install the datapacks manually. This can be done by downloading the datapacks on Curse and dropping them into the ‘datapacks’ folder inside your world folder.

Where to find the survival compatibility datapacks:

- Conquest Reforged Recipes (required)

Adds recipes for all Conquest Reforged blocks

- TerraForged Tree Overhaul (optional)

Replaces TerraForged trees with trees that use CR blocks

- Conquest Structure Overhaul (optional)

Replaces vanilla structures with more aesthetic ones that fit more with Conquest

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September 29, 2021
Mod Updates


Welcome to the 1.15.2 Century

Baroque Church by Magicclippy

The moment we have all been anxiously waiting for is finally here.

We’re bringing Conquest Reforged 1.15.2 out of beta and into an official release! Fortunately, beta for Conquest Reforged has been rather stable, with the most troublesome issues being related to third-party mods conflicting with other third-party mods (eg: Journeymap vs Optifine chunk shenanigans). As such, all the bugs, mostly minor visual ones, that were reported on Github have been fixed, and a few additions have been made. Overall, not much has changed, and all the blocks from the beta remain intact.

There’s also an update for the Conquest Reforged 1.16.5 alpha. Additions and fixes from the 1.15 release have been merged into the 1.16 version, and the 1.16-specific  issues that have been reported thus far have been fixed and resolved. Generally, the alpha seems fairly stable, so I think it’s safe to say it’ll be coming out of alpha in time for or before SpongeForge’s much awaited 1.16 release. 

On the team, we’ve been pretty busy in real life, so that’s slowed down development and this release significantly. Most of us have been working, and I’ve been pretty sick for the last few months. Nevertheless, we’re getting back into the swing of things and making progress once again. Along with the 1.15 and 1.16 update, the converter has seen a few fixes for 1.12-1.15. Right now  we’re actively working on a major facelift for the website to hopefully make it a more useful place for the community. So far, we’ve scrapped the old media page and replaced it with a curated Showcases page, where we show off and save some of the best Conquest Reforged builds. The header and footer have been replaced as well to be more in line with the Conquest aesthetic. Elsewhere throughout the site, pages are being edited to be more clear and informative. As for 1.17 on the horizon, my brief foray into the new version shows that it could be tricky due to a few factors, such as ForgeGradle updating and most of all Mojang reshuffling or renaming almost all of their files (again). Even so, it should not be anywhere near as time-consuming as the 1.15 update. 

Note: If you’ve been using the launcher, you’ll need to go to the resourcepacks interface in-game and enable the latest resourcepack. We opted not to override the settings for which resourcepacks are loaded so that your own settings aren’t forcibly overridden. 

1.15.2 Release Changelog:


  • Granite Embossment
  • Fancy Granite Dwarven Column
  • Fancy Granite Dwarven Design
  • Granite Dwarven Column
  • Granite Dwarven Design
  • Dark Rough Marble Dwarven Column
  • Dark Rough Marble Dwarven Design
  • Dark Rough Marble Dwarven Pillar 1
  • Dark Rough Marble Dwarven Pillar 2
  • Dark Rough Marble Dwarven Runes
  • Fancy Dark Rough Marble Dwarven Column
  • ancy Dark Rough Marble Dwarven Design
  • Fancy Dark Rough Marble Pillar
  • Leaded Glass Window
  • Gothic Sliding Window
  • Brown Oven Tiles
  • Green Oven Tiles
  • Gray Gothic Arch Frieze
  • Red Plaster with White Masonry Lines
  • Red White Floral Frieze
  • White Gray Floral Frieze
  • Glass shape variants for Cloud, Thick Cloud, and Thin Cloud 
  • Light Gray Screen & White Screen (for fancy screenshots and scenes)
  • Command block textures added as Circuit boards and screen, Iron and wood gear box, and Metal Gear Box
  • add granite wave stair and slab


  • Proper mirroring for various variants when using structure files (eg: better support for Terraforged, or whatever mod or builder uses structure files)
  • Fix Stump variant’s update method for Terraforged support
  • 1.12 Glass culling for Cloud, Thick Cloud, and Thin Cloud readded (ie: for modern glass builds). Hitbox added to these three blocks so that their respective panes connect to them.
  • Small gap between inner and outer metal stairs removed
  • baotou block name typo
  • fior di bosco name typo
  • Get rid of unneeded waterColor() for empty barrels, fixing blue particle color
  • Get rid of problematic Big Ladder culling
  • More complex and accurate voxelshape for stone urns
  • Vanilla farmland reverted to vanilla model to avoid culling issues
  • Fixes for hand cart wheel uvmapping
  • Fixed Vertical Corner Slab incorrect texture assignment on one side
  • Add functionality for moving through Painting GUI via left and right keys rather than just the scroll-wheel (ie: for laptops)
  • Dependency screen doesn't show up when there are no missing dependencies
  • remove useless icons on block palette wheel texture
  • fix nsew small branch model using wrong texture
  • clean up cornice models a bit
  • fix cabbage and common bean resolution
  • Make curtain vines pass-thru, improved placement to not be restricted to full blocks
  • window panes arch/slab/stair texture connection improved a bit

1.16.5 Alpha Changelog:

  • Should include all 1.15.2 fixes and additions
  • Fixed pillar, column, and log blocks using the wrong texture

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June 11, 2021
Mod Updates

Welcome to the Open Beta

A word from the devs:

The update, at last! Conquest Reforged for 1.15.2 is finally public. We're thrilled to release the hard work of a couple years spent improving old textures, adding loads of new blocks, shape variants, and creative features, as well as working towards a foundation far more stable for the future than ever before. While we'll initially be calling this a beta release to allow for any unexpected changes needed to address potential issues the community finds, this release should be stable, as there are no plans to remove, rename, or radically change blocks from here on out.

For those of you eager to convert your 1.12.2 worlds to 1.15.2, the converter is ready for download and use here. If you find any issues that you want corrected, leave an issue on the converter's Github repository, or create a pull request so that we can merge any additional conversion mappings and tweaks! As a warning: the converter is very sensitive to pre-existing issues affecting worlds, such as corruption, the addition/removal of mods adding blocks, and/or a general accumulation of junk in a very old world save folder. The converter has been repeatedly tested on fresh, fairly clean worlds in singleplayer. If you find that one of your worlds isn't converting nicely, you may have to look into either pasting the world's important builds into a new world, or somehow cleaning up your existing world. 

With regards to Conquest Reforged 1.16.5, it is in the works and a closed alpha should be following shortly. Although it wasn't a hard update in the same vein as going from 1.12 to 1.13+, the update to official mojang mappings, a few odd changes to the system, and an updated resourcepack format should leave room for a few bugs or instabilities to be discovered. From what it looks like, worlds going from 1.15 to 1.16 will not need a converter. Generally, version updates should be much faster given the improved systems of Forge and Minecraft itself, along with our focus these past few years on cleaning up our own models, textures, and code. 

Creative mode in 1.15.2 is the focus for Conquest Reforged. While survival mode in 1.15 is essentially relegated to vanilla systems and recipes, Conquest Reforged overall is far more compatible with the vast array of mods out there. We're a bit unsure of when we'll invest much time into overhauling and implementing survival, as vanilla Minecraft seems to not only be updating more rapidly, but also making major changes, such as a height limit increase and combat mechanic overhaul. It's possible that we'll take a look after 1.18 (December update). 

Conquest Reforged's world generation itself has not been ported to 1.15. However, our incredible former developer Dags (now working for Hytale!) created a mod TerraForged that boasts a far better world generation, from realistic mountain ranges, rivers, continents, and even volcanoes. For anyone who needs solid terrain to build on, we highly recommend downloading TerraForged and using it with Conquest Reforged. Once we focus on survival, we plan on hooking into TerraForged to generate its incredible worlds with new biomes decorated by custom trees and our plethora of plants and rocks. 

Finally, we owe a big thank you to our patrons and supporters who have supported us throughout the development of the mod. Your support has aided us so much in remaining focused and getting Conquest Reforged to this point throughout such a crazy year! We appreciate you all, and are honored that Conquest Reforged is valuable enough to you that you would support us financially.

Beta Testing Guidelines

This following list outlines various bugs to look out for during the Conquest Reforged open beta.

If you encounter any, please open a separate bug report for each using the proper format on our GitHub.

  • Missing or wrong block textures
  • Missing or wrong item textures
  • Block texture and item texture don’t match (the texture in your hand looks different than the block that gets placed)
  • Missing or wrong break particles (when breaking a block the particles that appear are either for a different block or use the purple and black missing texture)
  • Wrong break sound (example: breaking stone sounds like leaves)
  • Wrong step sound (example: walking on stone sounds like leaves)
  • Missing or broken CTM
  • Block missing from pallet GUI
  • Block appears in wrong pallet GUI
  • Single block Z-fighting. Does not apply when Z-fighting occurs when overlapping another block. (texture flickering on 3D models)
  • Duplicate blocks
  • Missing blocks in tabs
  • Duplicate blocks in tabs
  • Placement mechanic doesn’t work as expected/is annoying

Without further ado, a "General Changelog*:

General Changelog:

Since there are too many changes for a full changelog to be practical, this will serve to outline most major changes going from 1.12.2-1.15.2. There are many more individual changes, additions, and removals in the update. Removals are largely limited to the removal of some shapes for certain blocks or texture changes/revamps that could be construed as removals.


-All leaf textures and models redone to replace better foliage compatibility

-New palm leaves

-Log wall and fence models redone to look more like branches

-New branch models

-Stump block variant (like a pillar/small-pillar) for logs that extends down into a (snow) layer underneath it


-Plants and rocks can now be placed on layers without floating

-Various old textures revamped + new additions

-Improved models for many plants, even those that stack (eg: cat-tails, reeds)

-Can be waterlogged (replaces better foliage's reed functionality)

General Additions and Changes:

-Added approximately four thousand new blocks to the mod

-New round, gothic, and segmental arch models extending up to 3 meters

-Glass panes can extend up into arches, stairs, and slabs

-Revamped many old Ardacraft textures to Conquest standards

-Revamped Greco-Roman marbles and plaster textures up to Conquest standards

-Larger selection of textures with classical models (eg: travertine, dark sandstone, limestone plinths, cornices, architraves)

-Vertical slabs and vertical corners now have layers (vertical trapdoors have been merged into vertical slabs)

-Almost all slabs have snow-like layers (horizontal trapdoors have been merged into horizontal slabs)

-Pillars now have variable thicknesses (small pillars have been merged into pillar block)

-New quarter slab, eighth slab, and various other shapes added

-New pipe models in multiple colors and worn states

-Many industrial blocks and textures added including hull plating, shipping containers, corrugated metal, steel beams, scaffolding, and barbed wire

-New concrete textures

-Pillows added

-Many new carpets and rugs

-Chairs can now be rotated and placed upside-down on tables

-New doors including three meter variants

-Various new decorative models (candelabra, pots, urns, cabinets, etc)

-Some food blocks now have multiple models based on ‘bite’ state

-Revamped shutter textures and mechanics

-Revamped thatch and roof block textures

-New wooden post and lintels

-Improved beams to include diagonal and cross models

-New mosaic blocks

-Updated many old cross models (ie: scale, hourglass)

-Improved animal blocks (no longer have multiple heads)

-Added smoke particle blocks

-Wheels now have individual models with offset feature

-Removed survival functionality (may be revisited after 1.18)


-Many blocks in general waterloggable

-New dependency screen at startup to check if Optifine and the Conquest Reforged resourcepack have been installed

-New intro screen at startup outlining essential keybinds for Conquest Reforged

-Added block thickness toggle (no default keybind to prevent accidental activation) so that you don't have to manually stack layers for slabs, "snow" layers, vertical slabs, etc. Default value of 0 for regular layer stacking, 1-7 for locking onto a specific size

-Added "ctrl + middle-mouse-click" keybind. While looking at a block and pressing this keybind you get a block item with the exact shape/blockstate of what you were looking at

-Removed color functionality from the palette GUI. Block variant picking keybind switched from ‘C’ to ‘V’ to prevent conflicts with Optifine zoom

-Added vanilla debug stick to ‘utility’ tab for easy access

Technical Changes:

-Full block grassy gravel/dirt/sand removed due to rendering glitches and replaced with Optifine overlay. Grassy gravel/dirt/sand layers remain. Old (1.12) method for grassy gravel/dirt/sand was unsustainable and inefficient (removal reduces texture atlas by 10-15%)

-Optimized and reorganized creative tabs. First page for general refined blocks (cobble, planks, etc), second page for refined but more decorative blocks (metals, tools, furniture). Third page for natural blocks (foliage, stone, dirt). Fourth page for items and miscellaneous/utility blocks.  

-Removed placeholder green "none" blocks

-Z-fighting largely reduced or eradicated for most models and textures

-Many block models now have proper culling (not just full-blocks anymore) reducing in-game performance load

Stats (1.15.2):

-Vanilla Blocks: 680

-Conquest Blocks: 12,366

Total Blocks: 13,046

-Vanilla Blockstates:11,337

-Conquest Blockstates: 351,459

Total Blockstates: 362,796

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January 19, 2021
Mod Updates

Rounding the Corner

A tree using the new leaves and branch blocks

Hello everyone,

It’s been a long year but despite all the setbacks and craziness going on in the world we are still chugging along with development of Conquest Reforged 1.15.2.

Since our last developer update, Optifine became 1.15.2 compatible which has allowed us to work on testing/improving CTM based textures as well as discovering/fixing various bugs that came with more recent iterations of the vanilla rendering system (of which there are still many). We are also starting to work on new leaf models to replace the functionality from the Better Foliage mod as it appears to have been discontinued (or at the very least not updated for a long time). The new models should provide better performance and aesthetics which will make CR trees even better than they were before.

We still have more to do to provide the best quality and bug free experience on release but we think we are getting closer everyday and hope we’ll get there soon. Thank you all for your support and sticking with us.

Before we sign off here’s our general roadmap for the open Beta:

-branch model overhaul

-last minute block additions and touch ups

-ensuring full compatibility with WorldEdit and WorldPainter

-QA testing for models and textures (including a full block audit)

-general bug fixes

Launcher Notice:

Due to the upcoming Microsoft migration changes to Java accounts, we will be discontinuing the CR Launcher since it does not support the new authentication process with Microsoft. If you are currently using the CR launcher it will continue to work (unless you have recently purchased a Minecraft account) until you are forced to migrate at which point you will have to either use our modpack on CurseForge or manually install the mod using the vanilla MC launcher.

2020 Changelog:


-Cross Chandelier block 

-Dechoppy's Pitchfork model 

-Gwent Board block

-Torch with Grille block

-New painted textures to replace old "Roman" textures

*Red Stucco with Gold Line

*Red Wall and Fancy Black Cornice

*Red Wall and Black Cornice

*Orange Stucco with Red Diamond

*White Plaster with Red Lines

*Simple Black Socle

*Etruscan Magenta and Orange Dado

*Etruscan White and Yellow Dado

*First Style Polychrome Isodomic Courses

-Marble Cornice Model, Corner, and Quarter

-Limestone Cornice Model, Corner, and Quarter

-Red Asian Window

-Last of the old Roman stucco designs have been redone and reimplemented

-Etruscan Blue Meander Pattern

-Fourth Style White Upper Module 1

-Fourth Style White Upper Module 2

-Red Tooth Pattern on White Plaster

-White Meander on Red Stucco

-Red Yellow and Blue Checker Pattern

-wild parsley

-wild basil

-sea lavender

-sea arrowgrass

-mediterranean wild tulip

-kentucky bluegrass

-Iron Artillery Block (old conquest texture) added with variants

-Brown bottle, Soda Bottle, and Small Bottle added

-Some blocks use PartialCubeCutout now rather than CubeCutout, getting rid of lighting bugs and improper wall/fence connections

-Updated paintings0.png

-Various paintings re added into creative tabs

-cross beams

-diagonal beam 1

-diagonal beam 2

-diagonal beam 3

-fancy beam supports

-Caribbean Royal Palm Leaves (model WIP, mechanics incomplete)

-Vertical Slab Corner added for Roof Tile blocks

-Orange Painted Frieze Slab and Stair

-Blue Marble Frieze Slab and Stair

-Steel Beams

-Red Painted Steel Beams

-Worn Red Painted Steel Beams


-Chinese Palace Lantern


-Egyptian Vase

-Red Egyptian Vase

-Metal Scaffolding

-Wood Scaffolding

-blue table stool

-ceramic jug

-commercial amphora

-egyptian flower pot

-large clay pot

-moroccan table stool

-pendulum clock

-white egyptian vase

-wooden tankards

-metal tankards

-fancy blue marble design

-large red painted tile

-brown sandstone comb pattern

-barbed wire

-yellow travertine pillar

-quick search ui

-diagonal wooden  beams

-Vertical Slabs, quarters, corners have extra thin variants. Some blocks don't get this treatment, as they require many custom models, ie: capitals, plinths, etc

-Black, gray, white, blue, green, red, tan, yellow shipping container

-metal plating

-rusted metal plating

-black painted metal plating

-rusted black painted metal plating

-blue painted metal plating

-rusted blue painted metal plating

-gray painted metal plating

-rusted gray painted metal plating

-light gray painted metal plating

-rusted light gray painted metal plating

-red painted metal plating

-rusted red painted metal plating

-white painted metal plating

-rusted white painted metal plating

-cross hatched metal plating

-rusted cross hatched metal plating

-rusted red painted metal plating

-white painted metal plating

-rusted white painted metal plating

-cross hatched metal plating

-rusted cross hatched metal plating

-steel grating

-corrugated metal

-damaged corrugated metal

-rusted corrugated metal

-caution stripe block

-damaged concrete block

-fancy red bed

-horizontally bundled logs

-glass slabs and stairs

-oak and ash plank wooden crates (old 1.12 crates)

-ash plank cross and diagonal tudor frames

-white painted corbel

-tarred birch, oak, spruce, and dark-oak beams (replacements for old 1.12 beams)

-added back old two meter/half arches with half/vertical-slab variants

-leather boots

-carpenters chest

-dark blue roman mosaic

-blue roman mosaic

-added painting9 back

-added hanging clownfish, sardines, and sockeye salmon back

-added missing 1.12 potato/bread/etc sacks

-mossy thatch and thatch tracery, new thatch colors

-directional farmland added back

-first style red stucco panel

-old iron block fence and fence gate added back

-invisible pane and stair block for conversion purposes

-more vertical roman orange clay brick variants

-clean elven pillar re added

-door and window frame + post and lintel models for all beam textures + toggleable variants (models for painted and stone textures planned)

-facade brick arches

-some additional thatch blocks

-ore overlay textures

-updated broom model + added broom on the ground toggle variant

-lime mortar clay brick arches and ctm

-acacia wood shutters 

-large white painted shutters 

-overgrown white painted wood trellis 

-large acacia wood shutters 

-large birch wood shutters 

-large oak wood shutters 

-split acacia wood shutters

-limestone dwarven pillar

-horizontally carved birch + spruce wall/pillar

-cabinet model that can be opened

-clothes hanger corner

-3 different golden and iron candelabra

-can turn light blocks on with flint & steel

-rustic fence gate + rustic cross fence gate

-Dead pine needles

-Dead deciduous branches

-Red Oriental Carpet

-Brown Oriental Carpet

-Sandstone gothic window

-Tan sandstone gothic window

-Light Limestone Gothic Window

-Branch models (*EXPERIMENTAL WIP* only for oak log texture right now)


-open/closed gwent board now toggleable

-Vanilla Conquest beds turned into new Conquest blocks for better rendering

-Palm leaf models now more like caribbean royal palm and reduced element count

-Plates, Jugs, and Drinking Glasses now place the final bite or "empty" state by default. Players can interact with the block while holding a food item to reduce the bite state or "add" food and interact with the block while holding nothing to eat

-merged yellow plaster with circular windows windows blocks into CTM

-update stone plate with water texture

-update iron hatchet model

-vanilla paintings have cut-out rendering

-Vertical Slab Corner, Corner Slab, Eighth Slab, Quarter Slab, Vertical Quarter placement mechanics improved

-horizontal beams have custom hitboxes

-Rustic Fence model improvements (has toggle for planks to line up properly in different situations)

-Sandstone Frieze Slab and Stair

-oak planks with tudor frame textures are now separate blocks rather than random textures

-plant hitboxes are a little smaller now (like grass)

-7 different cheese models for cut cheese

-toggleable variations of milk jug

-new large amphora models

-fancy support beams are now wooden fancy corbels

-clothes hanger clothes textures improved

-new oak chair model

-new spruce chair model

-new oak stool model

-new spruce stool model

-improved rounded chest model

-removed bulk of new segmental, gothic, round arches to save on resources now and in the future. Introduced arches of those three types with better textures and models. Some arches have placeholder models and will be improved over time. Models set up in a way that's more conducive to various custom arches and wooden arches.

-different arch shapes and sizes are now placed with the "B" toggle rather than automatically updating when another arch is placed nearby

-goblet and wine goblet models updated

-rounded chest model adjusted

-updated quality of thatch textures

-tweaked goblet models

-updated oak and spruce log steps

-shutter textures updated in general

-cleaned up spruce railing texture

-shutters open and close like actual shutters now

-thatch textures finalized

-dead grass and small cacti textures now separate blocks

-hourglass model updated

-scale model updated

-sandstone and limestone gothic 1m arch now extends down to block below

-noose model updated to look better with rope model

-hand candle updated

-iron hatchet texture updated

-stacked large shutters open together now

-crops have slight xz offset and vanilla crops have updated models

-broom bush texture updated

-food crate texture updated

-rustic fence updated

-updated cabbage, flax, peas, tobacco, barley textures

-Bright broad leaves are now Beech tree leaves

-Pine Needle texture and model

-Oak leaves texture and model

-Birch leaves texture and model

-Dark oak (Maple) leaves texture and model

-Spruce leaves/needles texture and model

-Ash tree leaves texture and model

-Jungle (eucalyptus) leaves texture and model

-Removed grassy overlay full blocks (buggy with minecraft rendering engine). Replaced with vanilla conquest grass overlay.

-Grassy overlay shape variants now have translucent rendering (better texture)

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February 28, 2020
Mod Updates

Blocks o'plenny for your Penny

Hey everyone,

We are releasing an alpha version of 1.15.2 Conquest Reforged to our patrons/donators as we await Forge-compatible Optifine for 1.15.2, whose release date is pretty uncertain. While connected textures won't be available, there are loads of new blocks, models, and mechanics to check out and get an idea with what you'll be able to achieve with the next iteration of Conquest Reforged. 

In order to gain access to the alpha build, join our Discord and donate here for a special role that will give you the ability to download both Conquest Reforged and Terraforged.

Since this is an alpha and work-in-progress, we're very open to feedback regarding what we can improve. With that, here is a rough changelog:

Conquest Reforged 1.15.2 Alpha Changelog


  • A full list will be compiled for the official release
  • The mod now has 11,827 blocks/models (subject to change)

Block Variants:

  • Gothic Arches, Segmental Arches, Round Arches
  • Old half arch model removed (open to potential replacements for specific use cases)
  • Upside-down capitals/hopper shapes
  • Slabs now have “layers”. These layers can be placed upside-down
  • Corner Slab added
  • Eighth Slab added
  • Quarter Slab added
  • Two new shapes for the Sphere/Dragon Egg block
  • Vertical Corner blocks, Vertical Quarter blocks, and Vertical Slabs all have 3 “layer” shapes. Therefore, previous trapdoor and vertical slabs are merged
  • “Trapdoor” shape is now 8 pixels (32 pixels being a full-block) wide instead of 6 pixels, to be proportional with the other Vertical Slab layers.
  • Vertical Slab Corner (looks like a stair cut in half) added
  • Glass blocks now have Vertical Corners, Vertical Quarters, Vertical Slabs with working culling


  • Plants and rocks now “sink” into layers, so that they don’t appear as if they’re floating in mid-air when placed above them.
  • Pressing ‘B’ toggles between layers when placing snow/similar variants
  • Experimental variant toggle GUI when pressing “B” (can be enabled in the configs)
  • Most blocks can be waterlogged


  • Prompt to install Optifine/Resourcepack, if missing, on startup (can be disabled after first launch)
  • Notification that explains how to use the block picker GUI when the creative inventory is opened for the first time
  • Block picker GUI color palette functionality has been removed
  • Block picker settings have not been fully implemented yet. Some of the options can be found & adjusted in the client config file (UI elements will be added later)
  • “Bite” food variants now appear in the block picker
  • Replaced vanilla GUI textures in the title screen and realms page with Conquest ones
  • Added Conquest GUI textures for new vanilla workstations
  • Reorganized Creative Tabs


  • Removed Conquest world generation (will be replaced with the TerraForged mod)
  • Breaking plants by hand no longer drops them as an item
  • Until new tree assets are created, saplings will no longer grow into trees
  • Removed all block/item recipes until new crafting mechanics are implemented

Bug/General Fixes:

  • Fixed Z-fighting on 3D models
  • Removed all unused blockstates (green “none” blocks)

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February 12, 2020

Community spotlight again! Let's take a look.

Welcome to another round of the montly Community Spotlight

Here we will showcase more of your projects, servers, and anything else Conquest related with the community. You can submit projects for future publications by filling out our short submission form below.

Submit Your Project

Without further ado let's get started on this month's list!

Avenburg by Legendary Porpoise

One hundred and thirty years before Avenburg became the trading city, there was a conflict inside the continent of Yurn, known as the War of Many, which displaced hundreds of thousands and laid waste to kingdoms far and wide. It was during this conflict that a band of brave souls escaped to the seas with hopes of finding a place free of violence, destruction and terror. They spent many nights upon the waves of unforgiving seas before they came to a small island lush with trees, wildlife and resources. The band of exhausted refugees decided to settle this piece of paradise which became known as Avenburg.

Legendary Porpoise on Twitter

Amrâth King's Castle by Moredir

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16k x 16k medieval fantasy world. Building started about 4 years ago and continues today, but with multiple breaks in between. Currently the capital and the king's castle are being built. When finished, the capital will consist of about 1000 houses (not all of them will have interior -- that would be crazy). The castle will have full interiors.

Scepter of Power by Kvikling

A goddess gifted the Scepter of Power to her followers. It's not only an object of worship, but a source of magic energy, that is studied and used throughout the whole city, from cooking without fire to powerful defensive towers.

posted by:
January 6, 2020

Community Spotlight Inbound.. Take Cover!

Welcome to a brand new year and the very first edition of our monthly Community Spotlight!

Here we will showcase your projects, servers, and anything else Conquest related with the community. You can submit projects for future publications by filling out our short submission form below.

Submit Your Project

Without further ado let's get started on this month's list!

Medvedsky Hrad by Patrixcraft, Vitautas, and Redranger

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Medvedsky Hrad is a fictional castle located in a hilly region on the periphery of The Great Zubrowian Duchy which was built by a christian knight order in purpose of converting local tribe population into Christianity. Although the order had grown rapidly, Medvedsky Hrad would stay the most important castle of the brotherhood hundreds of years after its founding. The name given to the castle came from the legend about order's founder, Saint Tomislav. The legend says that when St. Tomislav and his followers arrived at the pagan realm, they were attacked by locals at night. When St. Tomislav thought the battle was over for him, a bear appeared out of nowhere, attacking only the pagans. After the battle, the bear disappeared in the woods. Since then, the order would be known as The Bears,

and the castle they would build was called Medvedsky Hrad, which in Czech translates as 'Bear's Fortress'. The sheer cliff under which the battle happened would become a large spot of pilgrimage. After his death Tomislav was beatified and became a saint. Icons depicting Tomislav would have a bear near his legs. The Coat of Arms of the Order would include a bear on a yellow strip on a red field. (Based on Bern coat of arms)


The Order itself is inspired by Teutonic order and you can find many parallels with it, the most obvious one is coming to pagan lands in order to convert it to christian faith. Although all the names are made up, we still decided to stick with Christian faith as it allows us to make some neat historical details. Architecturally wise, the castle is based on Late Medieval polish and Czech castles (circa 1300-1400), and interiors are inspired by the Malbork castle that belonged to the mentioned Teutonic Order.


The Faith would play a major role in the life of the castle inhabitants. Knight brothers were celibate and would regularly attend the chapel throughout the day and before having their meals. Knights would live in common, sleep in large rooms and all eat in the refectory. The authority of the order would've been split between Grand Master, who was elected by the brotherhood; Marshal, who would lead the Order into battle under the command of Grand master; Grand Chamberlain, who would supply the knights with food, clothing; Accouterments would manage servants; Treasurer, who would receive and pay all the money that goes through the hands of the Order; Grand Hospitalier, who would manage hospitals belonged to the order.

You can visit this build on the Darwin Reforged server using the '/warp slav' command.

The Creators on Twitter

Scholar's Citadel by Talmiior

This is the Scholar's Citadel. I started work on it around 2-3 years ago (can't remember exactly when). I did the majority of the base structure initially in survival vanilla Minecraft before converting the world to Conquest Reforged Minecraft version 1.10, where I continued to work on it. Earlier this year, the Scholar's Citadel was imported into another world with Conquest Reforged Minecraft 1.12.2. Here I completed it.

Lore: A Physicist/Engineer from a world from the distant past came out of cryo freeze thousands of years in the future to find himself in a world completely different from his own. Gone were the technological wonders of his age, as was also the majority of the fallout from the war he escaped from. He was known as post-human and was able to live beyond his years. Knowing the sky was the limit, he began the construction of a citadel he hoped to share with the locals he met throughout his exploration of this new world. They spoke none, but seemed to communicate in hops and a rather nasal sounding "hrmm" intonation, which relied on variations of volume and pitch. The citadel he constructed would help teach them of his world long gone, as well as skills from basic farming, to advancements from his world, like chemistry and flight with an elytra. He printed massive amounts of books and filled the entire library from the computer in his cryo chamber. He decided he would dedicate himself completely to this task. Oddly there were still remnants of his world. The dumb AI's that began the war were still fully present, and aggressive. He took this into account when constructing the citadel. And so it stands today, centuries since he built it, still in use by people from all over.

Talmiior on Twitter

Various Chisel and Bits Buildings by MagicClippy

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MagicClippy on Twitter

Faerun Heroes MMO by Team Scionica

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We are a passion project bringing the world of 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons to Minecraft as a fully-featured MMORPG. We currently have 2 servers, and a 3rd one purchased. Playerscraft a custom character model from over 20 races, and hundreds of additional parts, with many more to collect as you play through the game. We've been in development for about 2 years, and are wrapping up our new combat engine we dubbed "Era2". Era2 brings with it a more dark-souls style slow, meaningful combat experience, something never before seen in Minecraft. With new combat, quests and instanced dungeons on the horizon, we aim to be the definitive Minecraft MMO, and finally dethrone Wynncraft. Thanks to Conquest/CR we are really able to bring the visuals up to the next tier.

For more information you can check out the Faerun Heroes Discord here.

FaerunHeroesMMO Project on Twitter