Conquest Reforged Modpack
Curseforge page

The Conquest Reforged Modpack is most easily downloaded on the Prism and ATLauncher, but you can use Curse as well.


1. Download your preferred launcher. Prism and ATlauncher recommended

2. On Prism go to "Add Instance". On ATlauncher go to "Packs"

3. Go to either the Modrinth or Curseforge Tab. Search for "Conquest Reforged" and install

4. Go to Settings > Java and set maximum memory/RAM to about 8gb.

5. If you're playing on a Forge version (ie: any version of Minecraft below 1.18.2), you'll probably need to install Optifine manually


Launcher Downloads -- Modpack Pages -- In-depth Installation Guide

Conquest Reforged Manual Install (Not Recommended)
Manual install setup

We do not recommend manual installation because many things can go wrong for a user inexperienced with modding. Moreover, the latest versions depend on a wider range of mods and configurations for the fullest experience.

If you remain resolute in installing manually, you can find the mod-list for the Fabric 1.19.2 pack below.

You can also attempt to download via one of the Mod-pack launchers and moving the files to your desired destination.

For the Forge versions (ie: for Minecraft 1.18.2 and below), you'll only need the Conquest Reforged jar, Conquest Reforged Resourcepack, and Optifine. If Optifine causes a crash, ensure that is intended for your selected version of both Minecraft and Forge.

World Converters

Want to keep your old worlds intact between versions? With these conversion programs you can convert old vanilla Conquest worlds forward into modded ones and move modded worlds upwards in respect to their Minecraft version.

Note: These were made years ago for versions of Minecraft that are even older. After Minecraft 1.13, world conversion programs became obsolete. You may encounter issues, we are not updating these.

If you're having issues, one of the best practices is first to copy and paste your build(s) with Worldedit schematics or Minecraft structure-blocks into a fresh world that only uses Conquest Reforged. Then, convert that fresh world.

Map creators who publish their worlds publicly have a responsibility to update their worlds with the tools available. We will not assist users looking to convert the same map over and over when a great deal of time could be saved by the map creator by simply posting an updated version of their map.