What is Conquest Reforged?

Conquest Reforged is a Minecraft mod based on the Conquest_ Resourcepack which added a large selection of extra textures that have since become unavailable in 1.8. Our mod not only allows you to use these textures once again but also adds a large selection of new blocks and 3D models as well.

What does the Conquest Reforged mod have to offer?

All the textures from the Conquest Resourcepack which include connected textures for existing and additional blocks to give the world a realistic, immersive appearance.

Conquest_ has added hundreds of quality textures to Minecraft for builders to use in their worlds. Over the span of four years, these blocks were only available in 1.7.10 Minecraft and older versions but now are utilized within the Conquest Reforged mod. World creators can now easily access these blocks and produce quality and captivating environments without the complications of early Conquest methods.

Hundreds of various custom textures enhanced by Optifine's connected textures 

Conquest Reforged adds hundreds of high quality textures to Minecraft for builders to use in their worlds. Drawing on not only the original Conquest resource-pack, but also the ArdaCraft textures, Conquest Reforged allows players to delve into an endless amount of themes and building styles. Whether you want to build a Roman colony, medieval city, or a hobbit house, it does not matter: the textures are there! 

block models

Total renovation of Minecraft’s Creative Inventory 

Conquest Reforged builds upon Minecraft’s Creative Inventory by reorganizing every block and tab to provide intuitive block-selection. No longer is wood mixed together with stone; we’ve grouped together blocks according to their material and purpose. Best of all, Conquest Reforged adds another dimension to the Creative Inventory: a selection wheel for blocks with all of its model variants with an optional color wheel, as shown below. 


Thank you Monsterfish for creating Conquest Texture-pack! See the latest updates and additions to Conquest on PMC.
Permission: here

Thank you Dechoppy for allowing us to use your 3D Models! For the latest updates, see his main project here. [inactive]

Thank you Origines for the roman addonpack included in the mod.
Thank you Ardacraft for the Lotr content included in the mod.

Thank you Jugbot for allowing us to use your 3D Models! For the latest updates, see his main project here. [discontinued]
Permission: here