Arctic Research & Testing Station

Arctic Research & Testing Station

a project by
VucMiocene, xTechscammr
VucMiocene, xTechscammr
October 29, 2021
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Hidden away from the public's view in the far reaches of the frozen north is this settlement driven by industrial and scientific pursuits, the Arctic Research and Testing Station (A.R.T.S.). Here, VucMiocene and xTechscammr bring us a build so densely packed with various rooms, equipment, and details that it compares to a full city in its own right rather than a mere hideout for scientists. While the Arctic north may seem barren and empty, underneath all the snow and ice lie rare earth metals and crude oil ready to be collected and refined by this base's crew.

Diagram mapping the various sectors and equpment of the A.R.T.S

The A.R.T.S. is also home to many vehicles needed to traverse and navigate the Arctic terrain, no matter whether the journey be a short or extended one, for exploration and research or for heavy industry. Each vehicle is carefully built and full of detail, making use of blocks we normally wouldn't associate with anything mechanical. The A.C.C (Arctic Command Center) vehicle will be a familiar sight for those who have kept track of xTechScammr's past creations. With quality takes time, and this project goes to show how gradually building up and accumulating assets can bring a truly amazing project to fruition.

Together with its well done landscape, this build provides for some amazingly immersive scenes. The superb photography and presentation by VucMiocene that gives us a tour through their frozen city highlights the care that went into every detail for not only how to make it a presentable build, but also how to make it appear as a functioning and living settlement. It should serve as a great example for modern and industrial builders who might be looking for inspiration while using Conquest Reforged.