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November 15, 2021
Hot from the Press

Survival of the Conquerers

Conquest Reforged Community Sourced Survival Compatibility

As you all know we removed survival compatibility from Conquest Reforged in 1.15.2 due to the significant changes being done on Mojang’s end (especially on the terrain generator). With no custom world gen, our plans for a new recipe system were put on hold until a much later and more stable versions of Minecraft are out there.

Thankfully, a number of community members stepped up to the plate to contribute and we can finally share their efforts with you. ILikeToGetRekt spent hours working on recipes for twelve and a half thousand blocks amounting to over 25,500 individual recipe files which were vigorously tested by his Twitch community. InstantNootles also put the work in by building 33 custom trees in order to provide more aesthetic consistency between TerraForged and CR. We are blessed to have such a wonderful community that helps fill in the gaps when the dev team is bogged down with work or focusing on other parts of the mod. This would not have existed without them, so go and show them some love when you find the time.

New Trees using the custom branches and logs added by the mod.

Example of custom recipes

How to prepare Minecraft for CR survival:

- Custom Launcher
  1. If you are using the CR Launcher the modpack will be updated for you automatically. If you are using the Curse Launcher or a third party one, you should update it using the latest CR modpack on CurseForge.
  2. When making a new world select the TerraForged world type. This will apply all of the survival compatibility datapacks automatically.
  3. If you do not wish to use TerraForged or if you have an existing world you will need to install the datapacks manually. This can be done by downloading the datapacks on Curse and dropping them into the ‘datapacks’ folder inside your world folder.
- Manual Installation
  1. If you are using TerraForged, put the datapacks you wish to use into config/terraforged/datapacks. When you make a new world using the TerraForged world type they will be added to your world automatically.
  2. If you do not wish to use TerraForged or if you have an existing world you will need to install the datapacks manually. This can be done by downloading the datapacks on Curse and dropping them into the ‘datapacks’ folder inside your world folder.

Where to find the survival compatibility datapacks:

- Conquest Reforged Recipes (required)

Adds recipes for all Conquest Reforged blocks

- TerraForged Tree Overhaul (optional)

Replaces TerraForged trees with trees that use CR blocks

- Conquest Structure Overhaul (optional)

Replaces vanilla structures with more aesthetic ones that fit more with Conquest

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Monsterfish_ (Stefan Krein)
November 5, 2018
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The big mystery of 1.13

1.13 is now out for a good amount of time, so wouldn't it

Well, I come bearing mixed news for you.

For all of you itching to play around with the new features and adding them to your builds for that extra depth and atmosphere to blow each other's shoes off.

As it stands there have been many things happening below the hood down in those dark and busy engine parts of the game. Many new possibilities seem to open up for many different ideas and features we want to bring to the mod.

Reality hits hard however, as it turns out with many changes, come many adjustments that need to be done not only on our mod but also on forge which we are using as a modloader to make everyone's life easier.

Which lets us arrive at the source of the issue because so many things have changed between the last two official versions of the game it takes even longer to get everything up and running again. In our case, that means that forge is still under heavy development trying to bring the modding community all the necessary tools to make their mods the best they can be.

In result its hard to predict when we will be able to finally start working on the next update for the mod. So we hope you can muster the patience and look forward to the bright future ahead of us as blurry as it is right now.


Okay okay I hear you

If you are really that itchy to see what the future with Conquest Reforged will bring, at least when it comes to the vanilla type of content, the Conquest resource pack has made its first step of getting the community up to speed.

In its latest release, you will get all the new features in the Conquest_ style compatible with the new version of the game to play around with. Go swimming in those warm oceans chasing fish and feeding turtles while at the night slay new foes headbutting you out of the sky.

‍Make sure to check out the changelog to be informed about all those cool little secret features hidden in the pack as well. I am sure you would hat to miss up on those.

With all that being said the mod team and I wish you all a lot of fun exploring building and conquering the world before you and promise to make sure to get going on the next update as soon as we possibly can

Yours truly,

Monsterfish_ and the rest of the gang

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Monsterfish_ (Stefan Krein)
August 17, 2018
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One Guide to shape them and with knowledge to aid them.

The days of your struggle are over ... or are they?

We have come very far and the road was a long and difficult one. 

To make your path just a little bit lighter, somebody has brought to us a little gem of knowledge to aid you in the quest of making an impact in this world of ours.

We have to spend a little while to bring to you a nugget of helpful advice in the shape of a Guidebook, laying out some of the basics that are necessary to get started in the business of surviving in Conquest Reforged. We hope this will also answer some of the frequently asked questions we have received, regarding the new content added in the last patch. While also bringing you something nice to look at, just like you deserve as a fellow Conquistador.

Now there is not much more to say, as you will find a bunch more to read in the actual Guidebook itself just note there might be some technical issues happening on some devices, but it should all look nice and sweet on the good old pc monitors. In case you encounter some serious issues feel free to contact me (Monsterfish_) directly so I can address it asap.

With that being said if you have further questions, that did not get answered in the guide, we are as of per usual available on the official discord to aid you in your troubled times.

Hope you guys will find this helpful and enjoyable


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Monsterfish_ (Stefan Krein)
January 2, 2018
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Conquest Reforged gets a digital facelift 101

news for you

Greetings everybody and welcome in 2018!

We are off to a great start!

A new year a new conquest to make. The last year went by fast and i am sure you guys have noticed there has been a lot going on behind the scenes and in broad daylight but that's beside the point.

You have probably looked around a bit already and noticed the website is back and looking a bit different. Now featuring some tight crazy cool and helpful paragraphs about how to use the mod, who is working on it, who is using it and so on and so forth.

In comparison to 2017 there have been a few little additions to the website as well:
  • ‍A download page with all the important info to everything regarding the mod.
  • A Info page with general information.
  • A media section, now in case you are making videos or spread the word on your own platform, it features high res images of the logo the ads and some screenshots to assist you in your conquest of the mods fame (there might be more coming at some point if the situation arises).
  • A short team section so you know who is heavily involved with the mod. People who are interested are of course invited to offer their help and in turn become part of the team =).
  • A contact page with some frequently asked questions and some mention about discord you know the thing that makes you able to post those sweet sweet bug reports and toss messages to the devs or share the products of your creativity with the community.
  • A Patron link if you really love our work and want to help us be able to expand the mod by being able to spend more time on it and/or outsource some work even if necessary.
  • A news section where we are at right now where you will be getting all those nice updates/community showcases (when supplied by you guys =])/and maybe some mentioning of future plans psssst don't tell anyone its secret. and a dud talking about website stuff that you probably figured out yourself a long long time ago.
  • And hot dayum server list, with all to the mod team known servers so far, so you guys know where to go to play with the Conquest Reforged mod online (Server owners who want to get more publicity for their conquest reforged server contact us if you want to be added to the list.

So with all that being said I hope you guys got all you have asked for the new year and more with this website...

okay there will be more blocks in the future as well don't kill us ;)

I wish you all the best and a lot of fun, adventure with the mod, the website and the new year.

Yours truly


Voice of the Community

Spread news of you own projects (conquest related) under the hashtag #WeAreConquest to get featured

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