The big mystery of 1.13

 written by 
Monsterfish_ (Stefan Krein)
November 5, 2018
1.13 is now out for a good amount of time, so wouldn't it

Well, I come bearing mixed news for you.

For all of you itching to play around with the new features and adding them to your builds for that extra depth and atmosphere to blow each other's shoes off.

As it stands there have been many things happening below the hood down in those dark and busy engine parts of the game. Many new possibilities seem to open up for many different ideas and features we want to bring to the mod.

Reality hits hard however, as it turns out with many changes, come many adjustments that need to be done not only on our mod but also on forge which we are using as a modloader to make everyone's life easier.

Which lets us arrive at the source of the issue because so many things have changed between the last two official versions of the game it takes even longer to get everything up and running again. In our case, that means that forge is still under heavy development trying to bring the modding community all the necessary tools to make their mods the best they can be.

In result its hard to predict when we will be able to finally start working on the next update for the mod. So we hope you can muster the patience and look forward to the bright future ahead of us as blurry as it is right now.


Okay okay I hear you

If you are really that itchy to see what the future with Conquest Reforged will bring, at least when it comes to the vanilla type of content, the Conquest resource pack has made its first step of getting the community up to speed.

In its latest release, you will get all the new features in the Conquest_ style compatible with the new version of the game to play around with. Go swimming in those warm oceans chasing fish and feeding turtles while at the night slay new foes headbutting you out of the sky.

‍Make sure to check out the changelog to be informed about all those cool little secret features hidden in the pack as well. I am sure you would hat to miss up on those.

With all that being said the mod team and I wish you all a lot of fun exploring building and conquering the world before you and promise to make sure to get going on the next update as soon as we possibly can

Yours truly,

Monsterfish_ and the rest of the gang

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