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December 12, 2019


Conquest Reforged/TerraForged Development Progress Update

As many of you know, the backend changes to the block ID system in 1.14.4 have required a full rewrite of Conquest Reforged. On the plus side, this has completely removed the block ID limit which will give us far greater flexibility as development continues, but it has also made the update take substantially longer than it normally would. While we do not yet have an exact release date for the next version of the mod, we do feel it is important to keep you all up to date on our general roadmap moving forward.

Before we dive into the specifics, this update will (among other things) be fixing issues that arose in 1.12.2 from both the creative and survival side of the mod. If there are any bugs that you stumble upon, or if there are features you would like to see implemented in the upcoming version of CR, now is the best time to post those in our Github.


Our primary focus in the next update has been porting all of our content to the new ID system, but we have also added plenty of new surprises along the way. Conquest Reforged will have thousands of new blocks along with many new 3D models/variants, bringing our new block total to about 10,000 (subject to change). We are also going through all the content from 1.12.2 to ensure there is a consistent method for determining which variants each block should have access to as well as adding any we might have missed in the previous version.

In terms of aesthetics we have started updating both old textures as well as adding new ones. We have also been reworking the 3D models to improve performance and fix the z-fighting glitches that would occur when they would overlap with other blocks. These tweaks will take some time but it will greatly improve the look of your builds. There are additional quality of life changes as well, such as rocks and plants being able to be placed on layers without floating. Of course, many other changes will be making a debut in the update, but until they have been fully implemented, they will not be publicly announced at this time.


The survival portion of the mod will be receiving a complete overhaul, however, as to not postpone the release of the creative side of the mod, it will be implemented at a later date and as a separate add-on mod. This means all the survival recipes from 1.12.2 will not be accessible in the initial mod release (although they can still be added manually with CraftTweaker for use in modpacks if you can’t wait). If you would like to get involved with the progress of the survival side of the mod you can check out both the Conquest Reforged Survival Discord and Conquest Reforged Survival Document.

The development of TerraForged is well underway and most of the underlying framework has been completed (although there is still a lot more work to do before an expected release). The main focal point is creating more realistic biome distribution based on a combination of factors such as temperature (using a multi equator type system) and moisture masks as well as improved biome based terrain shaping and river generation.

Album with more images of the terrain generator


Conquest Reforged:

-Finalize the addition of new blocks, textures, models, and variants (currently WIP)

-Add back in the block picker & search GUI’s

-Add configuration GUI

-Add connected textures to both old and new blocks (approximately 70-80% done)

-Implement various quality of life features

-Go through the Github bug/suggestion list for last minute additions/improvements

-Bug test the mod internally with eventual Alpha builds for Patrons and Beta builds for public testing

-Write world-converter mappings for 1.12.2>1.14.4 (or 1.15)

-1.14.4 (or 1.15) mod release


Short to Mid Term Goals (no particular order):

- Lakes

- External folder for configuring/loading custom structures

- Biome selection page in the config gui

- Biome feature-set variants (variations on what features [tree-types, grasses, flowers etc] are placed in a biome)

- Exportable generator settings to make sharing configs & setting up servers easier

- More land & ocean terrain types

- Improved river decoration

- Surface strata layers

- Replacements for vanilla trees grown from saplings

Longer Term Goals (no particular order):

- Overhaul cave generation

- Replacement structure files for villages

- Expand on APIs to allow CR's own customization of world gen

Version Roadmap:

-1.14.4 may be skipped in favor of various performance improvements in 1.15 based on Forge/Optifine releases and the progress on CR/TerraForged up until that point.

-Currently Conquest Reforged and TerraForged are still being developed for 1.14.4.

Developers Note

We’d like to give a special thanks to all our Patrons for continuing to support us. We realize that we haven’t had much content to give you for some extended periods of time as we contend with the update process, so you all truly have our gratitude for understanding and sticking with us as we progress towards finishing this massive update! Also, to the general community (even with the incessant “Are we there yet?” posts on Discord), we appreciate all your guys support be it in content creation on Twitch or YouTube, or even just building with the mod on the servers or in singleplayer. Thanks for keeping the Conquest legacy alive and stronger than ever.

-Conquest Reforged Development Team

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