Creating a Modded Server with Conquest Reforged

Making a modded server for Minecraft can be a bit tricky, especially when the process changes across different Minecraft versions, guides become outdated, and instructions can be a bit too technical or vague. As such, I’ve put together this guide to make the process a little bit easier for those who are inexperienced with servers and want to start playing Conquest Reforged with a few friends. 

You’ll first want to decide whether you want to rent a server from a host or run a server off of your own computer. 

Also, please note that Minecraft Realms do not support mods.


Renting a server can make the setup process much simpler, and it’ll also be online 24/7. You’ll probably want to go this route if your own machine/computer isn’t strong and doesn’t have RAM to spare. I can’t personally recommend specific hosts, especially since there are so many and new ones pop up all the time. While you'll have to do a bit of research, a simple search for “modded minecraft server hosts” on Google or Youtube should be more than enough to come to a decision. However, do look for hosts that support running Forge (this is what lets us run Conquest Reforged and most mods!) and easy mod installation.

If you choose to rent a server, many hosts will offer a variety of rental plans, with the more expensive ones running stronger servers. One of the most important technical specifications is RAM. Conquest Reforged on the server-side actually isn’t very demanding in terms of RAM. This is largely because the server doesn’t have to load and cache all of the block models and textures; all of this is handled by the client (ie: your computer). I quickly made and ran my own server with only 2gb of RAM. You’ll want to scale the amount of RAM up depending on how many people will be playing at a time and if you want to do large-scale WorldEdit operations.

After purchasing a server, you’ll only need to install Conquest Reforged on it. Other mods such as Optifine, any minimap mods, or JEI are purely client-side and do not need to be installed onto the server. Other mods such as WorldEdit will need to be installed onto the server if you want to use its commands. To install Conquest Reforged and any other mod that runs server-side, you only need to install the mod jar file from curseforge. Do NOT install Launcher jar files or modpack files. Do not try putting the resourcepack onto the server (it’d be too large for it to load and distribute if you did it right anyway). 

If you’re still unsure how to install a mod onto the server you’ve rented, you should consult your hosts documentation or request their support. Please do not contact us requesting help for navigating your server hosts’ website or portal, every host is a bit different and we don’t have the resources to look into them all!


If you have RAM to spare, want to save some money, and don’t care about your server running 24/7, this is probably the route you’ll want to go. In any case, the steps taken for this process might be useful to know for those of you who want to explore more advanced server configurations or host larger servers, perhaps on a machine dedicated to running your Minecraft server. 

For Minecraft 1.15.2:
  1. First, create a folder for where you want to store your server’s files. This can be pretty much anywhere, just make sure that you have read/write privileges in the location and that it isn’t a space for temporary files that get deleted.
  2. Download the Forge installer for 1.15.2. The latest will do.
  3. Run the Forge installer. You’ll need Java to be able to do this as well as your server. Choose the 64-bit version. Select “Install server” and enter the file path for the folder you made in step #1.
  1.  Navigate to your server’s folder. Run “minecraft_server.1.15.2.jar”. This will generate the “eula.txt” file. Open that and change “eula=false” to “eula=true”.
  2. Run “minecraft_server.1.15.2.jar” again, this will generate additional files you’ll need to run and configure your server, such as a whitelist, ban list, world save, etc. A window called “Minecraft Server” should have opened. This is your server console. Close it for now.
  3. Open PowerShell or cmd in your server’s folder (hold shift and right click the empty area of the folder). Run the command:

    java -Xmx4G -jar forge-1.15.2-31.2.55.jar

    Note: -Xmx4G means I’ve assigned 4gb of RAM to the server. Change this argument as you see fit. Also, Forge may update at some point, or you may have downloaded the recommended rather than the latest version. Simply replace forge-1.15.2-31.2.55.jar with whatever forge jar is in your server’s folder to get this working properly.
  4. Your server is running! However, you properly don’t want to open PowerShell every time you want to play. You can make a BAT file (eg: launchserver.bat), open it in a text editor, and paste in the command we used above. With that, just double click the bat file and your server should launch.
  5. Install Conquest Reforged by dropping the mod jar from the link into your server folder’s mods folder. For all other mods you want to install, this is how you do it. Remember, client-side mods such as Optifine or the resourcepack should notbe installed here!
  6. Now you need to allow for other people to connect to your server while it’s running. The easiest method is to install Hamachi. A harder method (if you haven’t done it already for other games) is called Port Forwarding. Since this method varies according to your hardware and can carry some security risks, I won’t be going into this method.
  7. With Hamachi installed and running, click the Network tab and make a new network. Make sure everything is online in Hamachi. You should see something resembling an ip address (eg: This is what you and your friends will want to use to connect to your server.

Common Issues:

“I can’t use Conquest Reforged blocks on my server, but I can in singeplayer!”

  • This means that your server isn’t running Conquest Reforged and you haven’t installed it properly.

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