Japanese Pagoda (Tō-ji-Temple)

Japanese Pagoda (Tō-ji-Temple)

a project by
Magicclippy and Xuezhe
Magicclippy and Xuezhe
August 9, 2021
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Covered in snow, this Japanese pagoda is inspired by the gojūnotō (five-storied pagoda) of the Tō-ji-Temple in Kyoto. The 400 year old pagoda houses stands as the tallest wooden building of Japan (54.8m), and was one of the few Buddhist temples permitted in the ancient capital city, housing religious treasures, sculptures, and relics. Nevertheless, rather than engaging in a dedicated reconstruction of the temple complex, Magicclippy and Xuezhe have taken artistic liberty to create scenes and atmosphere reminiscent of one prints and paintings by one of the most renowned Ukiyo-e artists, Hiroshige.

The build makes an interesting use of the various wooden beam blocks and general variants introduced by Conquest Reforged's 1.15 version, while also showcasing a great example for more stylized vegetation.




@patrixcraft (first screenshot)