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February 2, 2022

Conquest Reforged 1.16.5 finally in beta!

Image taken by eag and build from ardacraft.me

Conquest Reforged 1.16.5 is now in beta. This release primarily brings what was implemented in 1.15.2 forward a version with a few more additions, so your builds are unlikely to be impacted or outdated in the way that the 1.15 release rendered everything from 1.12. Not many issues have come up during the alpha, so we expect the beta to play fairly smoothly. In any case, with so many more people actively playing the mod in a public release we expect some things to come up, so we encourage everyone to post reports bugs at https://github.com/Conquest-Reforged/ConquestReforged. This will allow us to track and fix them accordingly.

This update doesn't require a converter, as we've seen 1.15.2 worlds open up in 1.16.5 seamlessly. However, we strongly recommended you make a backup of your world in 1.15.2 before opening it in 1.16.5. With the complexity of Minecraft and various combinations of mods you can have, you never know if something can go wrong.

1.17 development has started and is progressing well. The mod can now successful compile and run in 1.17, and it looks to be mostly playable, so it should be going into alpha on that version sometime soon.

Get the latest version of the Mod here.


-blue overgrown fungus

-taiga grass

-dark bamboo

-golden bamboo

-prickly pear

-small grape vine

-banana tree leaves

-date palm leaves

-joshua tree leaves

-bushy joshua tree leaves

-wisteria blossoms

-wisteria leaves

-sulfur pools block

-columnal andesite

-smooth basalt

-porous basalt

-weathered basalt

-columnal dacite


-porous dacite

-weathered dacite

-columnal rhyolite


-porous rhyolite

-weathered rhyolite

-shredded leaves


















Added variants for:

-chiseled nether bricks (named old_rusted_metal_panel)

-cracked nether bricks (named cracked_old_rusted_metal)

-ancient debris


-polished basalt


-gilded blackstone

-polished blackstone

-chiseled polished blackstone

-polished blackstone bricks

-cracked polished blackstone

-crimson planks

-warped planks

-crying obsidian

-quartz bricks

-soul soil

-crimson stem

-stripped crimson stem

-warped stem

-stripped warped stem

-crimson nylium

-warped nylium

-warped nylium

-nether wart block

-warped wart block

Updated Texture:

-columnal basalt


-porous andesite

-weathered andesite


-special pause menu ui textures

-Monsterfish's updated text font

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