Need help/ attention? (FAQ)

You can contact the team via Discord (works in a browser, no installation required) or tweet at the official ConquestReforged Twitter account. But beforehand, run through this brief FAQ and set of instructions so that finding solutions is quick and easy for everyone involved.

I have a problem with running the mod or I get error messages. How do I get Conquest Reforged running?

Contact us, always making sure to send in a screenshot of in-game footage (they are free and help a lot) of the problem and/or the entire crash/error log that your game has spit out, with a short description of the problem so we have as much information as possible to quickly find the cause of your issue and can fix it.

Who do I contact?

Do not contact team members directly right out of the gate, make sure to post your problem in the support channel on the Discord server first. Sometimes, even normal members can help with their own experience on how to fix your issue. If does not help or you have been advised to contact a team member directly, feel free to do so.

I want to share my awesome (insert thing to be proud of here) related to Conquest Reforged. Where do I go?

We are always looking forward to seeing and promoting awesome stuff made by the community so show us what you have made. You can post screenshots, videos and links in the promotion channel on discord, tweet @ConReforged or use the #weareConquest #weareReforged on twitter to get your content out there.

I have a certain set of skills, a lot of time, and passion. How can I help out with development?

We always welcome people who offer contributions to the project. If you have an offer we can’t possibly deny contact us directly via private message to the team over discord.

What is discord and how will it improve my experience?

Discord is a free voice and text chat app for gamers and works on your desktop, tablet, and phone. We have created a Discord server for people that want to get involved with the Conquest Reforged community and developers. It is an option, not a necessity. Consider however, that our Community is heavily involved with one another on our discord server and that we do make important announcements on there as well. (protip: you can even use it in your browser)

I’m convinced, but how do I install or join Discord?

First, you have to visit and either download the client or open discord in your browser.

After you have opened or downloaded and installed the Discord app on your PC, you can join our server following the next steps

  1. Join our server. Click on the plus + symbol on the left.
  2. Click on Join a server.
  3. Copy this link and paste it here, then click Join.

How do I install the Conquest Reforged Launcher?

Check the downloadsection for the relevant information.

How do I install the Conquest Reforged mod manually?

Check the downloadsection for the relevant information.

How do I add maps and mods to the Launcher?

The Launcher is a separate entity to the default Minecraft Launcher. To add maps/saves and mods to the Conquest Reforged Launcher:

  1. Open the folder that your launcher is in and go to instances > ConquestReforged (advanced/basic) > minecraft > mods/saves
  2. Drop your mods into the mods folder and saves into the saves folder.
  3. Open the folder that your launcher is in and go to instances > ConquestReforged (advanced/basic) > minecraft > screenshots
  4. Check you have 1) Optifine installed 2) Conquest Reforged resource pack enabled – both are required alongside the mod for connected textures.