List of custom soundeffect that can be played via commandblock using this command
/playsound [Name of the sound] [type] [@p/a/r/personname] [x] [y] [z]] [loudness]
This command can either be used in chat or with comandblocks.
Biome-specific 1.18Special BlockstatesCustom HeadsCustom ItemsCustom PaintingsCustom ArmorsCustom ShieldsCustom ElytrasCustom AnimalsCustom SoundsBiome-specific 1.13Biome-specific 1.12Biome-specific 1.7Metadata

Clicking on the different links will copy the basic command to your clipboard

Wolves (0:10s=100 redstoneticks) /playsound wolves ambient @

Wind (0:14s=140 redstoneticks) /playsound wind ambient @

waterfall (0:29s=290 redstoneticks) /playsound waterfall ambient @

Tavern (0:50s=500 redstoneticks) /playsound tavern ambient @

Seagulls (0:29s=290 redstoneticks) /playsound seagulls ambient @

Rainforest (0:08s=80 redstoneticks) /playsound rainforest ambient @

Ocean (0:20s=200 redstoneticks) /playsound ocean ambient @

Market (0:29s=290 redstoneticks) /playsound market ambient @

Forest (0:30s=300 redstoneticks) /playsound forest ambient @

Crickets (0:36s=360 redstoneticks) /playsound crickets ambient @

Bells (0:25s=250 redstoneticks) /playsound bells ambient @

Stream (0:16s=160 redstoneticks) /playsound stream ambient @

Smallwaterfall (0:16s=160 redstoneticks) /playsound smallwaterfall ambient @

city (0:30s=300 redstoneticks) /playsound city ambient @

harbor (0:31s=310 redstoneticks) /playsound harbor ambient @

village (0:19s=190 redstoneticks) /playsound village ambient @

Hall (0:31s=310 redstoneticks) /playsound hall ambient @

Bees (0:29s=290 redstoneticks) /playsound bees ambient @

Cannon (0:03s=30 redstoneticks) /playsound cannon ambient @

Dripping (0:10s=100 redstoneticks) /playsound dripping ambient @

Goats (0:15s=150 redstoneticks) /playsound goats ambient @

Windchimes (0:14s=140 redstoneticks) /playsound windchimes ambient @

Raven (0:35s=350 redstoneticks) /playsound raven ambient @

Battle (0:29s=290 redstoneticks) /playsound battle ambient @

Torture (0:08s=80 redstoneticks) /playsound torture ambient @

Gong (0:11s=110 redstoneticks) /playsound gong ambient @

Frogs (0:10s=100 redstoneticks) /playsound frogs ambient @

Ducks (0:04s=40 redstoneticks) /playsound ducks ambient @

Boilingwater (0:12s=120 redstoneticks) /playsound boilingwater ambient @

Bats (0:02s=20 redstoneticks) /playsound bats ambient @

Chains (0:03s=30 redstoneticks) /playsound chains ambient @

Chop (0:01s=10 redstoneticks) /playsound chop ambient @