The following sections provide a detailed description of each style of worlds and maps available for our community on the official Conquest Reforged servers.

Themed Worlds

The Themed World is formerly known as Flatworld. Those who built on the old Flatworld would be familiar with the fact that it was setup into themed areas. Now, each theme will have its own world. These worlds will be using PlotSquared to provide areas for players to claim. Using the portal or warp, players will be teleported to the Theme Hub. Once there, players are to read the information provided. You will see floating text which will tell you which world a portal will take you to.

It is a player’s responsibility to choose the correct theme that you wish to build in. For example, an Asian build belongs in the Asian theme, not the Medieval theme. If you want to build a Steampunk Asian plot, then you have the option of either Steampunk or Asian. Just choose the theme that is more suitable for your build.

Themed Worlds are NOT for ranking up. As mentioned in the Plot (Ranked) World information, players will only have one (1) plot per world, a maximum of four (4) altogether. Any other build you wish to do will be done so in the Themed Worlds or Freebuild World.

Players who have obtained the rank of Journeyman or above, are permitted to use WorldEdit on their own plots.


Plot (Ranked) Worlds

We have added actual plots using PlotSquared, which will be used for ranking up. When arriving in Plot (Ranked) World, you will spawn in an area which has informational signs and three (3) portals. These portals will take you to the other Plot (Ranked) Worlds. Unfortunately, PlotSquared doesn’t allow different sized plots on the one world. Therefore, we have had to separate the Plot (Ranked) World into four (4) different worlds with different sizes. Once you arrive in the Plot (Ranked) World spawn, be sure to read the information and make your way outside of the building/spawn. The plots here are 35×35; this is the size for your first ranked plot.

You can claim a plot by using “/plots claim”. Once you have completed your plot build, place it up for review. If you are approved, you will be ranked up and able to continue to the next size world.

In the Plot (Ranked) Worlds, players are ONLY to claim ONE (1) plot per size. This means, at the most, players will only have four (4) plots in the Plot (Ranked) Worlds all up. Most players will only have two (2) plots, as the last two ranks/worlds, players will most likely opt to build as a team. If opting to build within a team, one (1) player will claim a plot and the other players added to it by Staff members. Those who are added to the plot are NOT to claim another plot.

Everyone will be starting on an even playing field. Builds on other worlds or schematics will NOT be added to your plot on Plot (Ranked) Worlds. Everything will be built from scratch. Staff will also NOT be providing ANY WorldEdit for players. Players are permitted to use WorldEdit once they have obtained the rank of Journeyman or above. This does NOT mean that they can perform WorldEdit on other players plots, as players cannot add other players to their plots.

For more information regarding ranks, please refer to the Ranking System.


Freebuild World (Coming Soon)

The Freebuild World is just that; players are free to build what they want, where they want. When building on the Freebuild World, please respect other players build’s. This means, do NOT to interfere, grief, etc., any build that does not belong to you and to be sure that you build a minimum of 30 blocks away from another player’s build. That being said, we encourage our Community to work together. If you see a build, ask if you can join forces to build. If you see a house sitting in the middle of nowhere, maybe ask the builder if they mind you building alongside them to expand the area.

Currently, we have added a custom Highland-ish themed map which was designed by one of our community members,. This provides player’s a nice canvas to express their creativity. Even though it is a Freebuild World, maybe think of areas you are building in. Try to avoid building castles a rock throws away from another. Think about towns, cities, roads, farms, etc., and the logical placement of them. This isn’t expected, but something to think about. If you are interested in team/community building which is logical and planned, then maybe the Community World is the place for you to build on.


Community World (Coming Soon)

This brings us to the Community World. The Community World is a massive community project which will be managed by the Community Staff and Mentors. This world has a ??? theme, which was designed by one of our community members, ???. Again, this provides player’s a nice canvas to express their creativity.

Players are able to explore the world in spectator mode, only. Access to build on this world will be provided once you are approved. To gain approval, one needs to claim a plot on one of the Themed Worlds and provide us examples, such as style, palette, mini-map (for bigger builds), etc. Then you need to find a suitable location in the Community World and place a sign with the coordinates along with your build. Once you are set, ask DC (_DeCypher_).

In doing so, we will be looking at the styles, palettes, what is being built, and the location. We may inform you to find another location, or we will provide you another option. To maintain this, Staff will manage the world so that builds and locations are logical. This means castles will not be a rock throw from one another.

The project is about community/team building. We require that you are working with others while building. This means; if you are looking to build a house somewhere on the map, you need to be working with at least one other player on the build. If you are looking to build a town, city, or castle, you need to be working in a group of at least five players. The more the merrier. We don’t want to see builds being abandon.

Once you are approved, you will be provided the area required. You are NOT to build out of this region. Once you have finished your build, you are NOT to move onto another area and build what you want. Again, you need to have the approval to do so. Any builds that have not been approved will be deleted and moved to a plot on the Themed Worlds. If you want to expand the area you have worked on, provide a mini-map which shows what you are wanting to expand with.

When building, take into consideration the theme of the map and other builds. Team building is essential. Work together on ideas, help one another to improve on building skills. This means logical thinking, detailing, teamwork, etc.