Reviewing Process

Ranks are only awarded for those builds on the Plot (Ranked) Worlds. Players are not permitted to add other players to their plots unless it is a team build, which Staff will add the players to the plot.
We have added actual plots using PlotSquared, which will be used for ranking up. When arriving in Plot World, you will spawn in an area which has informational signs and three (3) portals. These portals will take you to the other Plot Worlds. Unfortunately, PlotSquared doesn’t allow different sized plots on the one world. Therefore, we have had to separate the Plot World into four (4) different worlds with different sizes. Once you arrive in the Plot World hub, be sure to read the information and make your way outside the building. The plots here are 35×35; this is the size for your first ranked plot.
You can claim a plot by using “/plots claim”. Once you have completed your plot build, place it up for review. If you are approved, you will be ranked up and able to continue to the next size world.
In Plot World, players are ONLY to claim ONE (1) plot per size. This means, at the most, players will only have four (4) plots on Plot World all up. Most players will only have two (2) plots, as the last two ranks/worlds, players will most likely opt to build as a team. If opting to build in a team, one (1) player will claim a plot and the other players added to it. Those who are added to the plot are NOT to claim another plot.
Everyone will be starting on an even playing field. Builds on other worlds or schematics will NOT be added to your plot on Plot World. Everything will be built from scratch. Staff will also NOT be providing ANY WorldEdit for players. Players are permitted to use WorldEdit once they have obtained the rank of Journeyman or above. This does NOT mean that they can perform WorldEdit on other players plots, as players cannot add other players to their plots.
For more information regarding ranks, please refer to the Ranking System.
All builds on the Plot (Ranked) Worlds will be judged based on the universal “five traits of building”.
The “five traits” are as follows:
  • Skill
  • Atmosphere
  • Aesthetics
  • Purpose
  • Ingenuity


Technical Skill is the most comparable and measurable aspect of art. As we look at your build in comparison to others on the server we are able to determine how skillfully it was created. This is the only trait that is subjective to the skill level of the server. As you progress through the ranks, your skills will develop to a higher level. In doing so, reviewers will judge each rank with a higher standard while reviewing.


Creating immersive atmosphere is a difficult task for any builder and takes true talent. This is where adding the smallest details plays a vital part in your build which includes detailing terrain, custom furnishing, plants, wildlife, wagons, markets, etc. Adding details, such as caves, tunnels, and secret areas will encourage us to explore every nook and cranny of your build.


Pleasing to the eye to look at. The build has a sense of beauty and depth to it, whether through chaos or harmony.


The theme throughout the build is apparent and consistent. The viewer is convinced they are within whatever era or universe the build exists in.


When we are looking at ingenuity we are checking to make sure the plot isn’t a copy of another build on the server. Try to be unique and create your own style or improve on someone else’s. A similarity is unavoidable, but it is important to think outside the box while building.
NOTE: Before submitting your plot for review, check to make sure you have completed the traits to the best of your ability. Plots will only be reviewed if they are complete. Prior to submitting your plot, maybe ask one of your fellow community members, especially Mentors, to have a look through it and are maybe able to offer you some advice.
NOTE: ALL plots will be built from scratch. This means Staff will NOT be moving any plot builds, planning, schematics, etc., from other worlds to the Plot (Ranked) Worlds. Staff will also NOT be doing any WorldEdit for players on the Plot (Ranked) Worlds.