Our Launcher Has Been Updated

Along with the massive update that we have just released for 1.12 Conquest Reforged Alpha and Survival, we have also updated our Launcher. 

It offers a new and cleaner look to our Launcher. Conquest Reforged social media links are provided for easy access for players to connect with us. 

We have also created a way to be constantly adding new background images of builds. So, once you have completed a build, you could find your build being showcased on our the Conquest Reforged Launcher.

As always, our team is constantly working hard to improve all aspects of our services, striving to bring players the ultimate playing experience. 

To use the new Launcher, players will need to download and install the latest version, which can be found here.

Remember, in doing so, install the Launcher into a new folder and run it. Once it has undergone installation, be sure to copy Saves, Schematics, Shaders, etc., over to the new setup. 

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