One Guide to shape them and with knowledge to aid them.

 written by 
Monsterfish_ (Stefan Krein)
August 17, 2018

The days of your struggle are over ... or are they?

We have come very far and the road was a long and difficult one. 

To make your path just a little bit lighter, somebody has brought to us a little gem of knowledge to aid you in the quest of making an impact in this world of ours.

We have to spend a little while to bring to you a nugget of helpful advice in the shape of a Guidebook, laying out some of the basics that are necessary to get started in the business of surviving in Conquest Reforged. We hope this will also answer some of the frequently asked questions we have received, regarding the new content added in the last patch. While also bringing you something nice to look at, just like you deserve as a fellow Conquistador.

Now there is not much more to say, as you will find a bunch more to read in the actual Guidebook itself just note there might be some technical issues happening on some devices, but it should all look nice and sweet on the good old pc monitors. In case you encounter some serious issues feel free to contact me (Monsterfish_) directly so I can address it asap.

With that being said if you have further questions, that did not get answered in the guide, we are as of per usual available on the official discord to aid you in your troubled times.

Hope you guys will find this helpful and enjoyable


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