New Forums Are Live

As you’ve no doubt noticed, a few things different around here since you probably last visited. Don’t worry. We’re still the same Conquest Reforged you came looking for. #WeAreReforged

In our efforts to reimage our mod, we have given the website, forums, servers, banner/logo a complete face lift, which we will be continuing to do for all other areas. This will be an ongoing process, which we will be making updates/changes to areas we see fit. 

We’ve updated our forum software from Enjin to our own phpBB. This means, in order to use the Forums, you will have to re-register an account, as we didn’t bring across any previous posts and users details from the old forums. We apologize for any inconvenience! 

You can check them out now:

We’ve also been making a few changes to the Website, such as alignment, adding more information, etc. 

As usual, please let us know on the Forums should you encounter any issues or even have suggestions on the type of content you would like to see.


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