The New Conquest Reforged Servers Are Coming!

We are very happy to announce that we will be going live with our new, updated, servers this Monday. That’s right … We are going live!

We have been working hard to bring the community a bigger and better experience, not only with using the Conquest Reforged mod, but also on the official server. We understand that it has been frustrating to play on the current instance, but we have been making sure that we do not run into any of the same issues that players have faced on the current instance, especially regarding server performance and problems that might occur.

The process is still far from being complete, but we are certain that it is ready for our Community to start using.

Upon joining, you will have access to the Creative server and will spawn in the Theme Hub. From here, you can use portals or warps to the areas you would like to build in. Currently, we have Plot (Ranked) Worlds and Themed Worlds for you to unleash your creativity and show off your building skills in.

Currently, there is 4x different size Plot (Ranked) Worlds and 18x different Themed Worlds. Shortly, we will be including a new Freebuild World and Community World.

We will also be looking at adding Mini-Games and Survival, once it is stable. At present, the Conquest Reforged Survival aspect is being worked on and going through an initial testing phase.

We are also currently setting up a Spectator instance, which will host VIP promoter worlds, such as Krein and a few other surprise promoter worlds for you to check out.

For more information on how things will work on the new servers, please check out the following:

We are using mods on the server that we have not used before, so commands will be different from what you are familiar with. We advise that you read the manuals so that you become familiar with how things will work.

Once the server is live, you will have the opportunity to ask our Staff if your build will be acceptable to be transferred to the new server. Players will have a maximum of two (2) weeks to have their builds transferred. After this period, the current server will be wiped, making way for another instance.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of new features that we will be adding. So, stay tuned.

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