We have now made it easier for players to install and use the Conquest Reforged mod via the SKCraft Launcher.

Below you will find both Windows and Universal installation files as well as a guide to accessing launcher files.


How to install the Launcher:

  • Download and install x64 Java 8 if you do not already have it installed. You must have this installed for the launcher to work correctly.

  • Download the launcher.

  • Installation for Windows: Add ‘ConquestReforgedLauncher.exe’ to an EMPTY folder on your computer (if you’ve already used the .jar in a previous version you can add the .exe to that folder and remove the .jar). This folder is where all of your Minecraft files will be placed after running the .exe file.

  • Universal Installation: Add ‘ConquestReforgedLauncher.jar’ to an EMPTY folder on your computer. This folder is where all of your Minecraft files will be placed after running the .jar file.

  • Run the Conquest Reforged Launcher (double-clicking the ConquestReforgedLauncher file)

  • Open the launcher settings and set PermGen to 0 (This is very important!) You can also set other memory values here as well.

  • Pick which modpack you would like to install in the top left corner:

    -Basic: Conquest Reforged Mod/Optifine

    Optional features: Journeymap/WorldEdit/WorldEdit CUI/Better Foliage
    -Advanced: Conquest Reforged Mod/Optifine (includes liteloader)

    Optional features: Journeymap/WorldEdit/WorldEdit CUI/Better Foliage/Matmos/Presence Footsteps

  • Click on the ‘Launch’ tab and enter your Minecraft login information when prompted.

  • Select the mods you would like to install with Conquest Reforged and press ok. (clicking on a mod will display its website in the sidebar)

  • The launcher will check for updates or download required files if this is your first time running it. It will take about a minute or two (depending on your internet connection)

  • Once Minecraft starts up you will not be required to do anything else since the resourcepack and all other components are already pre-loaded for you.

  • Enjoy!

Installation Video:

Adding mods/worlds & acquiring screenshots:

  • Open the folder that your launcher is in and go to instances > ConquestReforged(advanced/basic) > minecraft > mods/saves

  • Drop your mods into the mods folder and saves into the saves folder.

  • Screenshots can be found in the screenshots folder.

Launcher Troubleshooting:


If you are having problems running the launcher you can try our CurseForge modpackmanual installation, or contact us on our Forums/Discord and we will help you troubleshoot the issue as best we can.