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Welcome to the world of Conquest Reforged! Here you will find the necessary resources to aid you on the start of your journey into the vast and stunning landscapes of the world. You may find yourself overwhelmed by the untamed nature of these lands, but it is yours for the taking! Get ready to explore and make many new discoveries, such as unknown species of creatures, plants and habitats. Be sure to leave no stone unturned, for there are many new rocks and minerals for you to make use of on your upcoming journey.

This guidebook will help you on your adventures into the wilderness to conquer the unknown and forge a mighty empire.
Essentials of Survival
In the beginning you will start with the most primitive of tools to give you the advantage over your environment. Advancements in tool quality are essential to the progression of your empire.

Since tools created entirely from wood will be of no use here; you will have to start with primitive tools made of flint. Materials for these components are plentiful in the world around you. Digging through dirt and gravel will find you the flint you need. To gather the sticks necessary, search amongst the leaves and start crafting.

Once you have three pieces of flint and two sticks you are able to make a flint pickaxe; you now have the means to harvest stone. Any of the gathered stone can be used to construct more durable tools.

Now that you have the basic means to survive, there is nothing that can stand in your way. Go forth and create the kingdom of your desire.
Earth & Stones

From the vast plains to the rugged mountains, calm rivers and deep oceans this world has many different faces each shrouded in mystery and teeming with life.

You will find that every region you encounter on this adventure will have its own unique characteristics. Wherein not only the shape of the land around you will change, so will the materials, the creatures and plants you will encounter. Keep your eyes and mind open so you will make the best decisions where to settle down as not every place may offer what you are looking for to start your empire.  

Traveling can be a dangerous thing especially at night. So you had better be well equipped for potential encounters
The Great Gathering

He who does not get his hands dirty will not make it far in this world. Being a noble lord or a filthy peasant, everyone has to go through hardship to survive. The more information you obtain the easier life will become for you.

However like everybody else you will find your own two hands to be the only tools at your disposal in the beginning. You will have use them to dig around in the mud to pick berries from wild plants and break branches off of trees. As nasty as some of that may sound, it only gets better from here as doing these primitive things will provide you with the resources you need to create the tools that will make your life so much easier.

Who knows, if you are curious enough you may find treasures in unlikely places.
Food & Health

To stay healthy and strong to tackle new adventures and build great civilizations, you have to make sure to fill you and your comrades stomachs from time to time. On the travels through the lands, you will find a wide array of foods to still your hunger and replenish your spirits. Some eatables can be grown into great fields of grain, others you will take from slain beasts hunted down in the forests.  A Handful of the obtained foods even possess properties that go way beyond plain nourishment when you know how to use them properly.

Having a large stock of food is therefore a sign of wealth and great success as it shows that your empire is able to produce enough resources to feed itself over long periods of time, ensuring the survival of those who come after.  

Some people have been known to use the raw forms of food as decorations.
Beasts of the Wild
During the day, you will find a plethora of wild beasts that will provide a wide range of benefits on the road to success. Some of them should be kept around, as breeding them will grant you a supply of  wool, milk, and egg to stock up your supplies. Others you will want to breed to butcher them for their meat and hide.

These wild and domesticated creatures are able to aid you in surviving easier and more comfortably in this tough environment in many different ways. Each depending on their Abilities and resources they provide.  

Some creatures might not serve a use on first glance but will provide you with way to keep your spirits up. “Like ye olde shagging goat.” Jamziboy 2018
Seed & Beets

When you have found a place to settle down, utilizing other ways to obtain food will prove to be much more effective than hunting or gathering berries in the forests. Many of the plants out there bare the potential of cultivation. Once you have gathered their seeds, it is all about making sure your plants can grow on good soil and are not disrupted.

So after the months have passed you can bring in the harvest and delight yourself on the results of your forwards thinking. Depending on the crop you are able to farm you will find them having different benefits and functionalities outside of nourishment.

You will also find that some plants will grow faster than others even within the same species. So if you are running low on food,you can go out and harvest some crops in smaller amounts instead of a big harvest to fill the gaps.  

Some crops benefit from artificial support to grow in more effective ways to grand you bigger harvests.
Earth & Stones

Journeying down into the depth of the earth will require additional caution, carving through the layers of the different rocks will have you starving for more powerful tools as they get become harder and harder the deeper you go.

One can also descend through the scattered caverns in the world. They have proven to be an excellent avenue to the lower layers and their hidden treasures. Be wary however creatures are lurking in the dark.

Once you have reached the deepest parts of the underground, the actual search will finally begin. There are many ways to go about finding those precious ore veins. Branching out like a tree, large carved out caverns or low ceiling cuts over many layers. Which one will you choose?  

Ore, while being scarce in numbers, wield a large amount of resources so don’t fear if your immediate efforts don’t show results the big one is certainly coming soon.
Oreas & Metalworks

Finally, after digging through the varied layers of rock, you have hit a deposit of a weird sort of material. It might be one of those rare ore veins that you can find scattered all over the world.

Each of these Ores grant you access to new and improved equipment as each of these resources bring their own unique properties along with them. To become a crafty smith you will need to know your ores and metals in order to make the best use of their properties in the tools you want to create with them.

Combining certain materials with the ores you have found might wield surprising results to give you the edge on your foes. The potential is almost endless.  

In order to progress deeper underground you will need to craft better tools. Ores might be very rare and hard to find but they reward you with a big wield due to their size.

The crafting bench is the most essential utility of each successful Conqueror in this world. There are many things to craft and create out there. You will find new and exciting things to construct here while exploring the world around you with all its glory. It is wise to think about what to craft first as some resources require more and rarer ingredients than others.

Besides tools and utilities you can also shape building materials in the workbench to build more delicate or sturdy constructions. It is therefore wise to make yourself familiar with this versatile piece of equipment. Every household should at least carry one of these in order to be able to take on the world.

Your recipe book i will keep track of all the things you have found out about on your adventures it will be your best friend in your quest of becoming the master over the your environment.  

By being careful and precise you will reach what you desire faster than you ever could
Monsters of the World

When the sun sets, and shadows creep, that is when the monsters no longer hide. You had better be prepared for the horrors that awaits you. To combat them you will have to cover yourself with sturdy armor , strong weapons and fierce courage.

It is wise to be prepared, because there is a great variety of monsters that can may inflict mortal harm upon you. Some might attack you from afar while others plan to come very closely from behind to ambush and destroy what you have created.

The underground with its dark tunnels and corners is their homestead so tread with added care when entering these realms.  

Some Creatures are more vulnerable to certain types of weapons. Study your Opponents before you attack them. Use enchantments to give you the upper hand in every encounter.

Did you think you have seen everything there is? Did you believe that you have come to your destination?Have you stopped asking questions about what could lie past the lands you call your home?  Well there is only one way to find out! Go forth and unveil the unexplored regions past the horizon line So many things wait to be found out there in all of their different ways and beauty.  

Be sure to explore the flora, many plants have seeds and new saplings. You will be surprised as to what you may  find out there.
Adventures & Raiding

You are down in the underground, your torch lits up an unseen passageway. What is this? Old planks, rails, and some minecarts. What a find! You have stumbled upon an abandoned mineshaft. Who built them? Why have they been left behind with all the treasures still in place? Who knows, but these shafts might not be as empty as they seem.

Be cautious, venomous spiders roam these mineshafts amongst other dangerous monsters that will try and slay you. Keep your torches ready and your blade sharp.

But as you venture you go around a corner and there, you find old lost treasure. The content of this lost treasure may aid you on your quest. These and many other ancient structures awaits to be explored by you and your companions on your adventures.  

Some ancient structures have hidden dangers and special monsters guarding them.
Conflict & Combat

History is riddled with disagreements, misunderstandings and conflicts. As much as you might fear violence it sometimes can not be avoided. It is better to be prepared before you are caught in a battle you are unable to return from as the victor.

Combat takes an important role in defending your home and land many will try and take away what you have worked so hard to earn. Combine fighting with potions to give you superhuman advantages over your enemies to conquer and rule over their lands instead.  

You can wield a weapon and a shield at the same time making combat more effective and your enemies tremble

Ah, what is surviving without a place to call home? After many days of gathering treasures and seeing many places you are finally ready to start the construction of your empire.

The materials to choose from seem endless at first, A calm and focused mind later you will find the decisions will find their way to you nonetheless. Equipped with the written down knowledge you have gathered throughout your travels it is time to let your imagination run wild, be free to show off the power and might of your achievements in whatever form they manifest.

The limitation of your own mind will be the only thing to hold you back from your goals.So get out there and show the world the potential of your imagination.  

You will find there are ways to carry many fold of the resources required once you acquire the necessary equipment.
Trading Goods

The days seem long and the nights even longer, sometimes you feel as if you are the loneliest person in the world. But you are not alone, there are others out there, not quite like you, but that will not stop you from traveling far and wide to find them.

After much traversed nature you might come across distinct signs of civilization. These villages and towns seem strange at first, and its inhabitants even stranger. But fear not, these comune mostly made up of farmers and traders. It's wise to reach out to each of them as they might have something in store you could use yourself.

These villagers seem to have an eye for the mostly useless green emerald so trading with them in for some goods will not hurt as much as it could.  

Trading with a these people will bear you a wider range of offers that will come your way.

What is this red ore you have discovered? This rare material has some kind of bizarre energy stored inside it which gets released upon contact. You will find utilizing this odd behaviour will make otherwise monotonous and backbreaking work much easier and less time consuming.

There are machines that can be crafted and processes that can be automated to further gain your production. You can even use these contraptions to protect yourself or trap hostile monsters or enemies.  

The possibilities of these crazy constructions are almost endless so make sure to do your research carefully so you get the best result.