Welcome to your Conquest_

What is Conquest - Bedrock Edition?

This is the official Bedrock port of the original Conquest resource-pack available on the Minecraft Marketplace. For those unfamiliar with Minecraft’s Bedrock edition, it runs on another engine that benefits from much better performance, higher render distances, and easy multiplayer with cross-play on various platforms, such as Xbox, mobile, Playstation, Switch, and of course Windows 10. This version of Conquest has been carefully made so as to preserve the original’s high detail and atmosphere. Much work has gone into recreating features critical to the Conquest experience as best as possible, such as connected textures, the UI, and custom skybox.

What does Conquest - Bedrock Edition have to offer?

  • Connected textures from the original recreated in the form of random textures
  • More textures than the average Bedrock pack - Conquest takes advantage of double-slabs, the petrified slab, and all the technical blocks to maximize the selection of blocks you have for building
  • Detailed Conquest UI - this pack reworks Bedrock’s in-game UI to support the immersive and detailed UI from the original, plus a little more
  • Custom skybox - a subtle, but crucial detail that the original pack enjoys with the help of Optifine which we’ve reworked and ported to be supported by the Bedrock edition natively
  • A selection of textures made by builders for builders - this pack is put together with builders in mind, catering to techniques crucial for experienced builders, such as gradienting.

Introducing the double-slab extravaganza

Alongside the normal block textures Minecraft provides, Conquest features a bunch of extra textures you can access by placing down double slabs of certain blocks as well a dirt texture for the petrified oak slab to give you more smooth walking on your forest paths and more options to impress your friends with those extra details you can put in your builds:

Double slab
Custom texture
Top texture, fanpattern setts 
Mossy Cobblestone
Top texture, dirty fanpattern setts
Oak Wood
carved oak wood
Spruce Wood
carved spruce wood
Birch Wood
carved birch wood
Jungle Wood
carved jungle wood
Acacia Wood
perpendicular acacia planks
Dark Wood
Stone Brick
chiseled stone brick capital
Cut Sandstone
cut sandstone capital
Smooth Sandstone
Mossy Smooth Sandstone
Red Sandstone
Mossy Red Sandstone
Smooth Red Sandstone
Mossy Smooth Red Sandstone
Granite Double
Smooth Red Granite
Smooth Red Granite
Smooth Red Granite
Polished Granite
Dark Stained Polished Granite
Dark Weathered Diorite
Polished Diorite
Weathered Polished Diorite
Polished Andesite  
Crack between bricks for Polished Andesite (intended to be used together with regular Polished Andesite)
Mossy Brick
Nether Brick
Nether Brick Pillar
Red Nether Brick
Dark Nether Brick Column
End Stone Brick
Sandstone Tudor Cross Frames (randomized)
Plaster Tudor Cross Frames (randomized)
Smooth Quartz
Plaster Tudor Frame
Sandstone Tudor Frame
Cut Copper
Cross Hatched Metal Plating
Exposed, Weathered, Oxidized Cut Copper
Rusty Cross Hatched Metal Plating

Thanks to our years of experience with a very creative building community, Conquest offers great ways to add natural looking gradients into your build. This can be used to represent weathering or other effects, making your build even more immersive.




We also invested a lot of time into customizing the GUI of the game to fit the Conquest aesthetic for the complete experience.

This is only the beginning!

Of course, we have plans for future updates to the pack in order to provide you with the best tools to build the world of your dreams.
Potential updates may include and are not limited to:

  • Releases for the latest Minecraft versions
  • Custom mob models and animations
  • Custom models - not supported by resource-packs due to technical limitations, but we’re keeping our eye out for future updates that could make this possible

To stay up to date with what we are going to add in the future, or if you have questions regarding the pack, join us on Discord