The 1.12 Alpha Is Here!

That’s right; the Conquest Reforged 1.12 Alpha is here!

We are releasing the Alpha for those who support our mod. Those who donate $10+ (Tier 3) via our Patreon will be given access to the 1.12 Alpha. 

Besides 1.12 compatibility, the build features a few changes to existing blocks (such as the full slits having a connected model now) and basic survival mechanics necessary for Conquest Reforged survival. The build also features the first couple recipes for crafting modded blocks. Yes; you read that correctly; Conquest Reforged Survival is underway! 

More details regarding the 1.12 Alpha release will be provided to our Patrons via the Patreon page and the Patron channel on our Discord.

While trying it out, be sure to test things out. If you come across anything you believe is a bug, please report this on our Forums.

If you’re interested in playing around in 1.12 with Conquest Reforged as soon as possible, consider becoming a patron today!

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